Fancy a vacation? In this article we explain why a villa holiday can turn into an unforgettable experience with Homelike Villas.

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Do you fancy summer and holidays? Who doesn’t it in this period!

The whole world already shows the desire to escape but, even before the current situation has passed, it is perhaps the case to start wondering what is the right and least risky destination for us and our loved ones. What is the best place to meet, finally, united and together?

Have you ever thought about spending a holiday in a villa? In addition to being a welcoming and comfortable solution, this could really be a solution that has innumerable advantages compared to hotel accommodation too.


Villa Teloni con piscina

The wonder of Villa Teloni. Click on the photo to take a look at our other villas.


First of all, no shared space, no waiting at reception or a queue in the elevator, no tea or coffee to sip next to strangers, no TV room to share with people who will not even worth a glance, no coming and going of service staff , no coming and going of suppliers and customers. And then much larger spaces where you may stay and entire areas dedicated to you.


In addition, parks and gardens where you can stroll, sunbathe, engage in hobbies or experience passions and emotions. In a villa you will be only you with your loved ones, your family or your friends. And you will have, at your complete and exclusive disposal, a structure that will guarantee you absolute privacy and confidentiality with limited access only to whoever you want.


In addition, even a swim in the pool, in the sunlight or in the moonlight, will be a dream that you can do it all yours. Without having to share it with others.

Our homes, in fact, will give you this emotion that, today more than ever, you will be able to appreciate only with those who are familiar to you.


Villa la Cittadella pool

Villa la Cittadella and its pool


Then, you won’t even be forced to share customs and habits, you won’t have to adapt to others.

During your holidays, a villa can truly become your ideal home. Here you will be just like at home. Your privacy will be yours only and should not be shared with anyone else. In the hotel, on the other hand, your privacy will be that of many other people, just any customer, just like you.

Dedicated staff will be at your complete disposal for every need and for the request of services you have chosen. You no longer have to accept standardized services and pay, at a high price, every extra. You will decide what you want and ask for it when and if it will go.


It is important to underline that a villa holiday does not even have prohibitive costs, as you probably have believed up to now! A villa holiday will cost you less than a traditional holiday in a three star hotel!

Try dividing the weekly price for the guests that each villa can accommodate. Discover all our properties on Homelike Villas.

So, even throwing an eye on the price, you will have one more reason to decide to choose, for the next holiday, a very special holiday!


Finally, but not least, you can also contact a figure to you dedicated: your Travel and Vacation Consultant. He will help you and look at you in your choices. He will advise you for the best. And you will have a person you can always turn to, even in case of need.


What are you waiting for? Your vacation could start now too!

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