Apulia offers relaxing & attractive places and landscapes, such as history and traditions. Take a look at the best places to visit during your holiday here!

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Land of wonders, with Salento and Gargano, of magical buildings, with enchanting trulli and majestic cathedrals, of unique productions, with scenographic secular olive trees, orecchiette and its superb wines; Apulia is also a set of magical places to visit.

Here the civilization was born, it is no coincidence that in recent decades fundamental discoveries have been made in Apulia for the study of prehistory: from the cave of Lamalunga the oldest fossil has come to light of the Neanderthal man while in Alta Murgia someone, years ago, even discovered a dinosaur quarry with the footsteps of incredible creatures who lived in these places something like 70 million years ago! From prehistory to today the step is long but the story to tell, for the Apulians, can also be short. Wherever, in Apulia, the past mixes with the present, antiquity is evoked in customs, habits and customs that have come down to the present day.


Sunset Apulia

Wonderful apulian sunset


Revalue the olive harvest. Every single tree here is protected by UNESCO. But did you know that this region alone supplies 80% of the entire world production of extra virgin olive oil? Another typical production is pasta, orecchiette in particular.

During your holiday in Apulia push yourself along the streets of old Bari. Here the old women still delight in making fresh pasta by hand. Orecchiette, burrata, Altamura bread and friselle with tomato and vegetables will be the real business cards in inns and restaurants in the region, but among the things not to be missed in this land there are certainly the “trulli“: enchanting those of Alberobello. The oldest ones date back to the 14th century. The original ones are built dry, without mortar. They had to be this way because they were more easily dismantled in case of control by the emissaries of the Kingdom of Naples who came here to collect taxes from every dwelling of the fiefdom.

They too have become part of the UNESCO heritage. Then there are the buildings once at the center of vast estates, the basserie that today have become real villas to live. In the past they were small villages where nobles and bourgeois lived together, but also peasants and laborers and where the owners’ children often ended up playing and mixing with the latter.


Apulian Trullo

Typical apulian “Trullo”


If you are a soul of fire, go to Salento. Around the fire, between January and March, many events are born and heated. The most beautiful is the one dedicated to Sant’Antonio Abate. Also very suggestive is that of Fòcara di Novoli. You listen to music and dance as if caught by the fire of the Taranta that resounds everywhere here in summer. Some say that there are souls who wander up to the sanctuary of Leuca, viaticum to arrive first in Paradise or in any case to get rid of the land of the living. Between one destination and another, savor, raising the glasses, the aromas and flavors of these lands.

Drink good sweet Aleatico, an excellent raisin wine that represents a real nectar with an unparalleled aromatic power. Or sip Chardonnay whose meaning, which is in the name, is precisely linked to the earliness of the ripening of the grapes. Or treat yourself to a glass of Leverano doc from white Malvasia and Bombino grapes. Not bad, especially in summer! Sip good wine in the shadow of Castel del Monte. In addition to being one of the most beautiful castles in the world, already declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site for some time, it still has a history still unknown: scholars have not been able to really understand, in fact, what its use had been in the past. Some say it was a residence of Frederick II of Swabia, others claim that its true purpose was only defensive.


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Your holiday in Apulia cannot fail to include a stop in Lecce. But do you know that it is known as the Florence of the South? This is due to its sumptuous architecture and its Baroque style.In addition, if you love white, the city of Ostuni awaits you in its whiteness. Since 1800, the locals have been obliged to paint the houses of the historic center in this color. Only in this way would the reflected sunlight be able to blind the enemies intending to attack the city. This happened in the past, but the tradition has obviously been passed down to our days successfully!

Today, of course, the habit of whitewashing the facades with white lime but a sense of cleanliness and hygiene in the southern part of Apulia, between small and charming seaside towns such as Gallipoli, Santa Maria di Leuca, Porto Cesareo, Alimini and others, there is the Salento with all its powerful beauty.

Further go to the promontory of the Gargano, with its golden beach beaches and small historic villages. Finally, we recommend an excursion to the Tremiti islands, a small archipelago of rare beauty. You will find coves and underground caves where you can immerse yourself in clear waters.

The season here starts in May and ends in August and will be able to make you live in every period truly like a fairy tale to tell.

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