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The starry sky above me … It is not necessary perhaps quoting the famous philosopher Immanuel Kant, to convey the idea that on Le Marche cuisine a birght sky is shining. However certain beauties must also be praised and, therefore, we concede ourselves to do so. Among the best Italian cuisines, Le Marche region is also a cuisine made up of great chefs rather than big names.

On the Olympus, with three Michelin stars – the last of which won in last November -, there certainly is Mauro Uliassi of the Uliassi restaurant in Senigallia. Opened in 1990, by Mauro and his sister Catia who directs the great orchestra of the dining room staff, the restaurant is one of the ten places of cuisine in Italy that, according to the Michelin Guide, is worth at least once in your life to visit because “Deserves the journey”.
However, avoid planning your trip during this period: Uliassi will remain closed until March 2019. Here, to “preserve the lightness” of those who work in this temple of taste, it closes three months a year and three days a week. However, the request for a seat at Uliassi’s is so high that reservations will reopen on February 15th. Do not miss the brodetto and the ending ritual of dipping the bread on a concentrated fish sauce.

If you want to fully enjoy a visit plan it in advance, within a week of vacation perhaps at Villa Apollo, fabulous residence located in the town of Trecastelli, surrounded by a beautiful hilly landscape, welcoming and modern. The villa is in a quiet location and offers the ultimate in privacy. The building was built according to the principles of minimizing environmental impact.
If you are looking for a true refuge on the hills of the Marche, always a stone’s throw from the sea, we also recommend Villa Santa Elisabetta. It looks like a small country resort that could however also be the home of a dear friend. Everything is based on good taste, good living and elegance, as well as conviviality. The residence is located about 15 minutes drive from Senigallia, and its beautiful velvet beach, and is an excellent starting point for visiting cities such as Urbino and Fano, historic villages like Corinaldo, Ostra or the famous castles of Arcevia, the famous Caves of Frasassi and the wonderful Riviera del Conero, national nature reserve, with the pristine beach of the Due Sorelle.

Just around the corner from the Rotonda sul Mare, overlooking the square of Senigallia, to discover the “immortality of food”, do not miss out on Anikò, the first fish delicatessen in the world. What is striking about Anikó is that we do not know how to consider it: as it is neither a bar or a restaurant, we therefore like to call it a crossroads of taste.
Here, but also in the other two location that runs – the Madonnina del Pescatore, on the beach of Marzocca (opens from February on), and the Clandestino, sushi bar in the bay of Portonovo (opens in April) – you will find chef Moreno Cedroni and its two Michelin stars.
His restaurants are true melting pots: meeting places, domestic markets, locations, where to get lost among appetizers, delicious morsels of sushi and lots of sliced fish. Ambassador for Expò2015, Cedroni has made his Madonnina del Pescatore a boutique more than the prêt-à-porter of the prêt-à-manger. Visiting it you will discover, of course, why. www.morenocedroni.it
The kitchen of Errico Recanati, chef of a Michelin star of the restaurant Andreina di Loreto (www.andreina.it), is from the sky, touched by a finger.
Here guests step inside a place full of tradition, in one of those typical places of the beginning of the 20th century where people met for a good glass with salamis, such as ham or the “track”, made with home raised pigs. This was the first work of the very young Andreina in the activity of her husband Bruno’s parents.
Via Buffolareccia, where the family home of the Recanati family was located and still is, was in an area of passage for wayfarers but also for many hunters of the area who always found themselves in this wine bar famous for the quality of the products and for the familiar and friendly atmosphere that the managers gave it.
Here today Errico Recanati, Andreina’s nephew and a man who, perhaps also for this reason, has the natural element of his life in the kitchen. At 22 he made a panna cotta and since then he has not left the kitchen anymore (except to take courses at the Scuola Etoile and internships with world famous Gianfranco Vissani, Pietro Leeman of “Joya”, the first Michelin-starred vegetarian restaurant in Italy, Martin Dalsass of the Ristorante Talvo), quickly becoming the sous chef. From time to time he also appears in the hall, where he works alongside his mother Ave.
In the area we suggest you to stay at Villa Tilia, an agricultural estate with characteristics typical of the Marche countryside. The Villa is located in Mergo, a stone’s throw from the Frasassi Caves. The exterior of the structure is dominated by the undisputed green, composed of small and scattered comfortable relaxation areas and a fully fenced children’s play area.

Finally, in the galaxy of the great chefs of our house we can not recommend Stefano Ciotti, a Michelin star, of the Nostrano restaurant in Pesaro.
Young, indeed very young, Stefano has already worked with the greatest masters of the region, such as Gino Angelini and Vincenzo Cammerucci. He also made boasts experience at the Armani Cafè in Paris and at the restaurant Diana, in Riccione, in Viale Ceccarini. He was executive chef at Carducci 76 / Vicolo Santa Lucia di Cattolica. In July 2015 he opened his “Nostrano” where, since 2017, the Michelin star shines.
Inside his kitchen modern techniques and home-made processes, the result of the “local” sensibility of an artist chef, mix and merge. A bread crumb, soaked in oil and flavored with garlic and parsley, becomes an explosion of pleasant sensations. Absolutely to try.

Speaking of pleasant emotions we suggest you to stay at Villa il Rovereto. The house is the result of an enchanting 19th century farm house located in a valley between the two hills of Mondavio and Orciano. A very charming farmhouse that enjoys a full view of the surrounding landscape. Through a private drive you reach the Villa. The rusticity and the warmth of the environment can be perceived even in one glance. The main structure, with its pastel colored fixtures, stands out among the green of the garden. A large park surrounds the whole villa in its entirety and houses two small cottages: two delightful houses surrounded by fragrant lavender bushes and cheerful flowers. To complete the picturesque garden there is also a sinuous salt water swimming pool and a small whirlpool for the most intimate and private moments.

In all our villas you can always raise your eyes to the sky and find the same carpet of stars that will welcome you, winking at you, in the presence of good Marche cuisine.