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The proverb says: “Carnival heals every evil”. At this party, that if you want is the most party of all the parties, it is necessary to prepare with a joyful spirit and playful spirit. Because the Carnival is, and can not be otherwise, happiness but also sympathy and desire to be together.

The anniversary has very ancient origins: already the Romans of the Empire celebrated it, in their own way, thinking that the masks could keep away evil spirits.

However, the word Carnevale derives from the Latin “carnem levare”, that is to say eliminating the meat, and in ancient times it indicated the banquet scheduled for the last day of celebration, Shrove Tuesday, just before the period of abstinence and fasting of Lent.

Even in central Italy, at this time, which usually arrives between February and March, it is prepared from an early age. Children, in fact, are used to wear masks, throw confetti and streamers, participate in many parties.

In Le Marche the tradition of Carnival has been repeated for over 600 years in that of Fano. A document dated as far as 1374, already tells of a big party. It is no coincidence that everyone talks about the Fano Carnival as the oldest carnival in Italy. Who makes the allegorical floats, which take part in the parade along Viale Gramsci, works almost all year. After the first festive release on February 17th, other dates not to be missed to see the wagons are those of February 24th and March 3rd. The Carnival of Fano is famous not only for the majestic allegorical floats, but also for the evocative parade of the Luminaria, and for the rain of sweets that are thrown in the rain over the heads of those who assist you – every year something like more than 100,000 people – .

Instead of sweets the truffles are launched on the crowd in Acqualagna. Also here the appointment is for Sunday, February 24, from 15 hours, with the parade of carts through the streets of the country.

The beautiful Piazza Del Popolo, in Ascoli Piceno, is decorated with large chandeliers for the Carnival party. Here, to be sure, the real festivities begin in January with the anniversary of Sant’Antonio Abate and continue with a series of special days: the Sunday of the Friends, the Sunday of the Parents and the real Sunday of the Carnival. This year the appointment is from February 28th to March 5th.

In Offida, on the other hand, the Carnival party is greeted by the hunting of “lu bov fint” which consists in running through the streets of the village an ox figure led by men covered by a white cloth with red stripes. Behind the bull runs a multitude of people dressed in the traditional guazzarò, an ancient work peasant dress.

To fully enjoy the bold anniversary we suggest you to combine the parades a week of vacation, maybe in a villa or a house just a few steps from the marvelous squares of the Marche fashion show.

In Cossignano Villa Novecento awaits you, a period residence dating back to the beginning of the last century. The Villa, with its typical Liberty features, externally remains faithful to the original style with its charming Italian garden and the striking panoramic terraces. The interiors show the guests of the 24 rooms back in time.

Not far away, in Fermo, you can find Villa delle Lucciole, a rustic villa surrounded by the green hills of an extraordinary province. The structure is very reminiscent of the old farmhouses and, finely restored, stands majestic and majestic on a slight rise.

In Fermignano, in the province of Pesaro and Urbino, we suggest Villa Selene. The property was an old country house, renovated and refurbished according to the rustic canons with exposed stones and original dark wood painted green. The house immediately conveys an atmosphere of hospitality and relaxation, thanks to the wide green spaces that surround it.

Change region but does not change the tradition: Bartoccio from Pian del Tevere, in Umbria, is the ancient protagonist of the Perugian Carnival, famous for its “bartocciate”, or dialect compositions written on libels of social content.

Sunday, March 3, the parade of wagons in Monteleone di Spoleto and also the parade of carts also in Torgiano.

Beautiful and lively, also the Carnival of Foligno scheduled for February 24th and March 3rd. The festival is dedicated to Sant’Eraclio and is also an opportunity to get to know the castle. It was proposed for the first time in 1542 when the Olivetan friars of Mormonzone opened their convent to the people, now abandoned, almost to challenge the nobles closed in their palaces.

A few kilometers by car, in a panoramic position on the Umbrian hills, surrounded by vineyards, olive groves and expanses of meadows of the Todi countryside, in an atmosphere suspended in time is Villa Avena. The structure, very pleasant and intimate, is also equipped with a small spa.

If you prefer a noble residence, the Castello degli Arcieri awaits you in Gubbio. Here Federico da Montefeltro, lord of Urbino, established his favorite hunting lodge. It is said that the Duke was launched in the hunt for deer and wild boars that still populate the property passed, in 1830, to the family that still owns it and which has a direct descent from Napoleon.

But to take part in the Carnival of all carnivals you must arrive in Tuscany, in the city of Viareggio. The wagons that take part in it are real monuments of creativity. To make them work, sculptors, smiths and carpenters are even put to work by shipyards. There is also a mask, the Burlamacco, which represents the Carnival of Viareggio. Next dates 23 February then 3 and 5 March.

There is a unique place that awaits you in Tuscany, overlooking the Maremma sea: it is Villa Torre del Mare. Originally this fortress was a Spanish watchtower, it was then restored to be a luxurious villa surrounded by a lush garden with plants typical of the Mediterranean. From every window you can enjoy the breathtaking views of the Argentario and the islands of Giglio and Montecristo.

He supported Oscar Wilde: “A mask tells us more than one face”. Happy Carnival, from Homelike Villas.

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