It's time for some cooking class! Take a look at location in which you can experience a new cooking lesson and have your holiday in a wonderful villa.

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Are you ready to live a true masterchef experience?

Among the thousand proposals that you can choose during your stays in the wonderful homes of Homelike Villas there are certainly cooking classes, but also the fantastic and immersive cooking shows with renowned chefs who will suggest you how to prepare traditional dishes from various regions or how to do to organize special pizza parties along with many other delicacies.


bakery class

Time for some cooking!


Food and wine and hospitality will come together to make you live a truly unique experience. Among the Doc and Docg vineyards of the Sagrantino area, olive groves with Frantoiano, Moraiolo, Leccino and arable crops with high quality cereal and legume productions, you can find the enchanting Villa Azzurra.

This splendid manor house, surrounded by open countryside, will offer you a unique raw material for your dishes and for your toasts, welcoming you to one of the most beautiful areas of Umbria, the green heart region of Italy. Here, for lovers of good things, cooking courses are available dedicated to first courses but also to seafood dishes and super aperitifs.


Villa Azzurra Outdoors


If, on the other hand, you want to take flight between the quiet and relaxation of the upper Tiber valley, the house also houses a small helipad for ultralights, you can choose Villa Tulipano. The old farmhouse that will welcome you dates back to the late 1600s.

Here the products are those from the garden, all strictly zero kilometers. The property is located in a low hill area between two suggestive lakes, one of which is inside the property, which also offers the possibility of practicing sport fishing. You can therefore also dedicate yourself to cooking freshly caught freshwater fish.


Villa Tulipano - Villa With Pool in Central Italy


Villa San Casciano awaits you on the Sienese hills. Here you will live in an atmosphere where time has no dimensions. The outdoor spaces are the true calling card of this structure that alternates the warm colors of the facade from the blue shutters to the green that surrounds it everywhere and to something magical and muffled, really designed to delight you in doing nothing. Outdoors you can take cooking classes and then practice in the large dining room also equipped with a fireplace.


Villa San Casciano


The love for design is combined with that for good food at Villa Poggibonsi. Here the artists Chiara Aulicino and Paolo Francioni, have created something rare and precious inserted in a scenario where history, contemporaneity and slow-life merge together. The villa also houses a meditation room, characterized by a resin on the floor that dreams of the universe and welcomes those who want to give themselves intimate moments on a very comfortable precious futon.
Next to the main structure, in the old barn, you will find a professional kitchen with 8 workstations and a wood oven. In the large park there are a vegetable garden, an olive grove, a lovely garden of essences, a large lawn with fruit trees where you can gather real first fruits.


Villa Poggibonsi


Located in the center of a six-hectare property, in the hill below the village of Panicale, you can also enjoy a beautiful experience at the stove in Villa Petrarvella. The estate has its own roads, a stream that crosses the entire property, fruit trees and a beautiful forest where you can walk undisturbed and go looking for mushrooms and truffles. A unique oasis in a land where excellent extra virgin olive oil is produced. In this area you will also find fine wines.


Villa Petrarvella

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