Welcome in the Teloni Travel Membership Club

We are convinced that, over time, what you will remember will be the trips made, the holidays spent around the world, the shared experiences, like a fairy tale to tell. For this reason we invite you to join the Teloni Travel Membership Club, which allows you to open a virtual current account in the bank that we like to call "time bank".

The exclusive Membership Card will allow you to deposit moments of life, dreams and collecting moments, and not material goods, is good for your health and we want to reward your trust by giving you wonderful moments of happiness.

How can I join the Membership Club?

purchase at least one product in our catalog:

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What are the advatages?

  • Bonus if you present a friend - If the friends who present buy a trip with Teloni Travel, you will receive a € 50.00 discount that can be used in fabulous holidays in our catalog: exclusive villas for fabulous stays, extraordinary destinations in the world, a paradise village in Brazil and the magical Villa Teloni perfect for any occasion. Think of a friend and get his contact to your Consultant in hospitality travel and holidays. The discount can be combined!

  • Discount vouchers - It is designed that waiting for the holiday gives you a pleasant feeling of euphoria and the closer the time to leave comes, the more pleasant the emotions are. Therefore we want to encourage you to do it as soon as possible! By purchasing your next holiday within 90 days of the check-out of the stay, or from the return of the trip, you can take advantage of a € 150.00 discount voucher.

  • Airline tickets at special prices - Experience the thrill of flying at commission-free rates. Buckle up, because with the Membership Card it is always the right time to book a flight

How can I find out the balance of my card?

You can check the content of your card by calling +39 0733 637677 or by sending an email to info@telonitravel.com

Where can I find the list of products that I can buy?

You can find the complete catalog on our website


otherwise you can visit our sites for each brand based on your travel interests: