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The FAI, the Italian Environment Fund, came to discover our villas with private pool and historic country retreats. About 40 members of Le Marche delegations of the foundation launched for the protection, preservation, enhancement of the national artistic and natural heritage, were welcomed at La Villa at Cesolo and hosted on the occasion of a real tour dedicated to “The charm of historic villas in the land of the Salimbeni ”.
To the representatives of FAI, given the commitment to promote education and the awareness of the community to the knowledge, respect and care of art and nature and intervention in the territory in defense of the landscape and cultural heritage, it was illustrated the project of Homelike Villas dedicated to incoming experiential tourism, which has already come to count on a network of many venues with pool, and the organization behind this new venture has also been presented and, in particular, the figure of the Travel and Vacation Consultant, professional who takes care of guests and provides advice, suggestions and help before and during the stay, then following the guest even after the holiday. Great interest was expressed by all the representatives of the various regional delegations of FAI, obviously guests of the Maceratese delegation, for the certainly innovative proposal in the national tourism panorama. The idea now is to continue on this path to open the doors of the villas and historic homes of Homelike Villas to the Fai Spring Days but also to other initiatives that the Italian Environment Fund periodically promotes on the territory.

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