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“Every holiday in Italy has a story to tell”

Holidays in Italy. Thanks to the determined and passionate imagination of a group of entrepreneurs who share a love for their
land and a passion for tourism, Homelike Villas is today a tour operator with a very successful web portal,
backed by a solid and alternative business philosophy based on direct knowledge of the area. The careful
training of its key personnel, i.e. its travel and holiday consultants, means it has qualified staff covering all
sides of the business from web marketing to architecture.
In this post  we are talking about a lesser-known side of Tuscany with one of the best Travel and Holiday
Consultants the company has, Roberta Bartolini.

We’re always looking forfantastic new villas in these areas,” she says. The formula is very simple, direct and personal: “Anyone who wants to become part of the Homelike Villas portfolio can simply call or send an e-mail and will be contacted immediately by our travel and holiday consultant who will be happy to meet you and visit the property, verifying its leve lof quality and  exclusivity”, explains Alessandro Teloni, National Head of Property Acquisition. Similarly, those wishing to enjoy a calm and
regenerating holiday in the nearby regions of Umbria and Marche can count on the places selected by the portal www.homelikevillas. com and on the same timely and personalized advice – with orientation and logistical support too for excursions and bespoke events. The essence of this project is an emotion-filled opportunity for clients to experience a time devoted exclusively to themselves, their families and loved ones which is as real and authentic
as possible:
“among peaceful valleys, villages perched on mountains and still-unspoiled beaches, you will go back in
time and experience the wonder of discovery. Villages, castles and historic piazzas that are symbols of art, culture and the
passage of time. Abundant nature whose produce holds incomparable tastes and smells. A glorious history that has
left architectural and urban traces in every city and every small town, still mingling with everyday working life.”
The true heart of Italy? Central-Southern Tuscany, with Umbria and the Marche.

Sandro Teloni, today CEO of the company, is sure of it, and is at the apex of Homelike Villas, with first the cultural and then
the commercial aspects. But we like defined identities and decided people.