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Guests of Le Marche Region and the Italian Embassy in China, as part of the project “Experiential tourism in the heart of Italy”, aimed at promoting tourism in the areas affected by the earthquake and the opportunities offered to young Chinese people of university education, six journalists and documentarists of TV channels specialized in tourism and magazines dealing with study stays abroad, were received in the city thanks to an initiative supported by the new settelean tour operator Homelike Villas that manages the portal .

Objective of the project “Experiential tourism in the heart of Italy” is to let the Chinese public discover the hidden treasures in Central Italy, to promote a travel idea that allows to deepen the culture and history of the places visited and the “experiences “That local realities offer. Hence the idea of ​​linking it to the activity of the Villas in Italy tour operator that deals with foreign incoming in Italy proposing weekly rentals of villas, country houses and historical residences between Le Marche, Umbria and Tuscany.

Accompanying the foreign press delegation composed by Zhao Binran of the magazine that deals with study stays abroad “Education Media”, Zhou Tong of the television channel specializing in tourism “The Travel Channel” and documentary filmmakers Guo Quangang and Alina Guo who have already made numerous documentaries on Italy, the coordinators on the Chinese side and the Italian side Helen Wang and Erica Giopp of the Chinese tour operator “Voglia d’Italia Tour”.

The visit, conducted by the consul of the Touring Club of Italy for the province of Macerata and artistic director of the Sanseverino Theaters, Francesco Rapaccioni, involved the Feronia theater, the beautiful Piazza Del Popolo and the civic art gallery “P. Tacchi Venturi “where international guests were able to admire the wonderful works kept, including the Madonna della Pace by Pinturicchio.

The journey of Chinese journalists who stayed at Villa Teloni for two days will continue along an itinerary that will include Lazio, Umbria and Abruzzo, in addition to the Marche region.

At the end of the press tour, a summary video of the trip and a multimedia guide to useful information for welcoming Chinese tourists will also be made.