Marche: a region in which to find many Italies in one Italy: sea, mountains, hills, parks and beaches. Today we discover the villages of Pesaro-Urbino.

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The only region of Italy declined in the plural, Le Marche owes the origin of its name to the past and to the fact that this land has always been characterized by many small identities that, over time, have united and transformed more and more in modern society , while still maintaining strong ties to the past, especially for traditions.

Always “Porta d’Oriente” for the whole of Italy, Le Marche have earned the nickname “new Florida” from the American magazine Aarp.


Gradara Pesaro Urbino

Gradara Walls, Pesaro-Urbino


Despite the small size, in this region travelers can find many Italies in one Italy: sea, mountains, hills, parks and beaches. This has decreed the success of the truest and most authentic brands a little.

It is no coincidence that the Lonely Planet guide chose this region as Best Destination 2020!


With just over a million and a half inhabitants, scattered in five provinces, Le Marche are the reality of the Bel Paese with a thousand bell towers and long life. Here, in fact, you live really well! Difficult to make a choice between such beauty. There is not one more beautiful village than another but all together make a great beauty!

Today, we are going to discover Pesaro-Urbino.


Surely among the wonders to see you can visit Gradara and its castle where, even today , the love story of Paolo and Francesca is kept immortal by the verses of Canto V of Inferno in Dante’s Divine Comedy.

Its Rocca is very beautiful as fascinating is the double wall marked by towers and square crenellated towers on the outside and from the intermediate one that separates it from the village which can only be accessed through the Porta dell’Orologio.

Around the castle you can walk the path of lovers that surrounds the hill, inside the medieval fortress you can instead visit the Teatro dell’Aria, a park entirely dedicated to the art of falconry where you can admire many specimens of birds of prey in flight: hawks, vultures, kites, eagles, owls, owls and buzzards.


Villa Eos con piscina privata

Not far away from Gradara: Villa Eos


Not far from here the smallest municipality in the province of Pesaro and Urbino: Frontino. Rich in beautiful panoramic views, it is dominated by Mount Carpegna and with its territory it is part of the natural park of the sasso Simone and Simoncello.

The highlight of the resort is the thirteenth-century convent of Montefiorentino. According to tradition it was founded by San Francesco. Enter the fourteenth-century water mill, called Ponte Vecchio, which supplied the castle with flour and bread. It has a guard and defense tower and houses the Bread Museum.

In August Frontino hosts the Black Truffle Festival. Nestled on a hill between the valleys of the Metauro and Cesano rivers, there is the town of Mondavio which boasts one of the best preserved historic centers in the Marche. The Rocca is the main monument but also its walls, almost 800 meters long, are beautiful to see. The eight-sided keep dominates the majestic fortress and connects to a walkway that leads to a massive semi-circular tower.


Villa il Rovereto

The quietess of Villa il Rovereto, near Moldavio


Here is the historical re-enactment and armory museum, with costumed mannequins and weapons from the 15th to the 18th centuries. The Park of war machines has been set up in the moat of the Rocca with real-size reconstructions of catapults, trebuchets and bombards. In addition, in mid-August the “Wild Boar Hunt”, which commemorates Giovanni’s arrival in Mondavio, is a must. della Rovere and the Dignitaries of the Duchy of Urbino.


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So, are you ready to discover the wonders of the Marche and its province of Pesaro-Urbino?

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