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Discover Beautiful Location in the Marche

Location Marche. Le Marche have recently been awarded with 151 “italian flags of taste 2018”. The awarded local specialties matched the cases for international fame, preciousness, rarity and, most importantly, decades long traditions.

A great amount of those awarded specialties has also been tagged as DOCG (controlled designation of origin) as a further certificate of excellence which provides a great boost to an increasingly important component of the overall touristic offering. Along with this mesmerizing availability of typical local food Le Marche, and Central Italy as a whole, have plenty of destinations that are bound to be the next “gem for the few”. Those who are farsighted enough to plan a visit will be amazed by the incredible variety of landscapes that this region has to offer from the beach all the way back to the mountains, from cozy stone villages to world heritage sites and, of course, the countless locations where local food is served.

On this regard, the president of the Agricultural Association of Le Marche, Francesco Fucili, reports: “As for the food and wine of our region today, on the day when the flags of taste are celebrated nationwide, we can boast a series of excellences, which are increasingly more appreciated, especially by those who are starting to discover our region after they have visited it for the first time”.

But how is it possible to fully enjoy all these local delicacies offered by Le Marche while experiencing a well deserved relaxing holiday? Those that seemed two seemingly difficult things to carry out, represent the exact combination of the offer that, for some time now, HomeLike Villas has been delivering to those travelers who are after a perfectly tailored holiday time. The travel company has to offer several villas for rent in central Italy, especially in Le Marche and Umbria, that are suitable for any type of vacation: from a luxury retreat in an upscale destination, to an holiday that includes a special family event, or a spiritual gateway in a rural countryside villa. Everyone of them might also be the base for countless food and wine tours.

Homelike Villas’ Travel and Vacation Consultants will easily met each type of request and will be ready to help in organizing an unforgettable holiday those who want to experience Central Italy in an innovative and quality oriented way. All the Homelike Villas located in central Italy offer breathtaking views and allow to appreciate the sounds of lush nature while taking a walk on undisturbed trails into the woods or enjoy a nice dip in the private pool at the sunset, perhaps accompanied by a nice glass of wine while comfortably sitting on a chaise-longue chair.

For example, not far away from the town of Macerata, those who decide to enjoy stay at Villa Teloni in San Severino Marche or at Villa il Noce will have the opportunity to taste the special wine called “Vernaccia of Serrapetrona” which, together with the Verdicchio, is one of the first DOCG at national level. Or what a better opportunity than a nice picnic in the large gardens of Villa La Vista, Villa dei Fiori or Villa Quercia to taste typical dishes based on saffron or truffle, perhaps cooked live by a personal chef hired for the occasion?

Oh, and there’s more, each and every product coming from a local bakery shop or any cold cut handmade by local butchers will delight the palates of the most refined guests.
For those gourmet lovers who want to indulge with fresh fish from the Adriatic Sea, a beach front villa is the way to go. Locations such as Villa delle Lucciole (near Fermo), Villa dei Ricordi (4 km from Civitanova Marche’s shore) or Villa Tria (on the Conero Riviera), provide the opportunity to enjoy the vibrant nightlife vibe and trendy restaurants of the cities along the coast.
A vacation in Le Marche with family and friends is certainly a lifetime experience and will provide unforgettable memories of how rich this unspoiled territory is. With so many different experiences to enjoy, HomeLike Villas is certainly the icy on the cake with its menu of Villas literally for all tastes.