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In order to reintroduce the areas hit by the earthquake, a network of over 190 villas and residences between Marche and Umbria has been generated. In addition, the project is spreading to other Italian regions.

Even the newspaper “La Repubblica” dedicates space to the project from Homelike Villas www.homelikevillas.com, a large group of modern and ancient villas, houses and historic homes in the areas hit by the earthquake for the revival of tourism and economy thanks to the initiative of the entrepreneur Sandro Teloni.

“Three years after the shake – said the responsible for the new acquisitions, Alessandro Teloni, to the newspaper founded by Eugenio Scalfari – we have counted 190 structures distributed in 11 provinces of Central Italy: 3000 beds overall. In 2018 Homelike mission and project was presented to 5 international fairs meanwhile, during 2019, it has been presented in 14 fairs around the world”.
Homelike Villas idea and project is to expand the network to other italian regions, especially in the areas of the lakes that are the most desired by foreign tourists: Tuscany, Apulia and other places near the cities of art and sea.

“In addition to the activity of generating a system through these structures, which are rented for weekly periods, from Saturday to Saturday, and generating a considerable turistic influx (especially in spring and summer), the initiative has also promoted the recruitment of some young people in the role of new professional figures – travel & vacations consultants – and is preparing to start new institutional partnerships (tourism institutes, hotels and more) and similar associations – still underlines Repubblica, which reminds – The Homelike Villas network is specialized in experience travels and foreign incoming in Italy ”.

“A very interesting and promising model – said Marche region President Luca Ceriscioli, as recalled today by the newspaper directed by Carlo Verdelli – because it points to our historical cultural real estate heritage through the connection of the territory with online world and dedicated platforms, able not only to develop tourism, but also to promote and create new job opportunities”.
Recently Homelike Villas has been recognized as one of the top ten sites for renting homes for vacation Vanity Fair, a costume, culture, fashion and political magazine.

“What we do – said Alessandro Teloni, responsible for the selection of the structures – is not just the sale, but firstly we want to assist our customers before, during and after their holiday, secondly we want to offer services free of charge but, above all and finally, we entrust them to the whole new figure of the Travel and Vacation Consultant. Some of our structures are also specialized in wedding events. Today our commitment is in the constant acquisition of new homes in every part of Italy. A unique opportunity for those who want to make the ownership of a villa income-generating but also for those who, in the field of tourism, want to do their part and join our group in the continuous search for young people willing to become travel and holiday consultants”.