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The magazine Vanity Fair tells us about  “The poetry of the Marche” in the Ferragosto issue.

In a journey – reportage of the journalist Sara Magro from San Severino to the Riviera del Conero, among fried cremini and small vineyards, she presents us beauties, emotions and places to see.
“Le Marche looks like the Tuscany from the past. Even more authentic. Perhaps because they are a little more isolated, they have preserved themselves in their great beauty – writes the author of the service, which explains – In fact the journey from Ancona, where the fast trains arrive, to San Severino is an hour and a half of enchanting interval through fields of sunflowers, olive trees and fields of artichokes that fills the heart and eyes “.
There are many images accompanying the article with the city center and the settempedana campaign on display.
“Certainly the earthquake gave us a bad shake-up – tells the artistic director of the Feronia theater, Francesco Rapaccioni, who is the guide to the discovery of the city – a year ago they demolished eighty buildings but luckily our Piazza del Mercato, medieval churches and buildings have remained intact. Even the theater has resisted. It is a jewel with tempera frescoes, the baroque chandelier and the curtain by Filippo Bigioli ”.
The visit continues in Piazza Del Popolo and the civic art gallery “P. Tacchi Venturi ”with a special stage dedicated, by the magazine, to“ Mangiar bene, modern rétro ”.
“At the Cavallini restaurant they make champagne risotto with shripms. It will be outdated but everyone orders it. Here are Le Marche: modern retro, with the care of today (or rather of always) for quality, whether it is a simple panzanella at the trattoria Ninetta or a dinner at Piero, where fried cremini and ciauscolo are served with family, organic and zero-residue wines, from the smallest doc in Italy, I Terreni di Sanseverino. Giovanni Meschini, former manager of Poltrona Frau, takes care of the wines – explains the Vanity journalist. Luxury and elegance are concepts with which he has worked, and can be guessed from the sovereign order of the vineyard, which seems to grow on a golf course. Dante Duri, on the other hand, has the smallest cellar of the Serrapetrona Doc. He is proud of his black Vernaccia, like aperitif concerts that he organizes every summer on his terrace. The earth calls. Even Cinzia Anibaldi, who was doing something else, and one day in front of the family olive grove she asked herself: “Why not take care of this good thing?” No sooner said than done. Today it produces an award-winning oil, preserved with vegetables, legumes and the fruit it grows. It’s all at the beginning, but people here love their land and value it. Hospitality is still simple, but for some time a network has been born (www.homelikevillas.com), to offer hospitality in houses and historic houses such as the sumptuous Villa Teloni with park and swimming pool “.
As mentioned the journey of “Vanity Fair” from San Severino Marche continues up to the Conero, with a stop in Recanati, to tell, in the same pages of the rich reportage, “La Poesia delle Marche”.