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Once upon a time, a long time ago … It’s called smart working and it’s a modern tale destined to rewrite, probably the whole world, the course of history. Because smart working, or agile work if you prefer, can also be a great chance and a great opportunity. Provided, of course, that you always want to work!

Italians say so, as many as 75% of those interviewed by research that in the world stops the bar of results at 70%: the choice of the working environment is a key factor in evaluating new career opportunities.

Even 1 in 3 Italians, if they could choose, would choose where to work from rather than having more holidays and more permits. But smart working is not just working from home where the presence of children, wives and husbands or other friends can limit physical spaces and spaces for maneuver, making everything even more complicated.

The research then moves towards places that are “other”, which allow you to work with less stress, in situations closer to customers and, in any case, more livable and capable, at least these, of making people dream and not always make them think to the work to be done! What better opportunity, then, than having a modern villa, a farmhouse, a historic residence at your disposal?

An ideal place where you can work alone, unplugging from increasingly crowded offices and in the heart of historic city centers submerged by traffic, or in the company of colleagues, perhaps to work as a team and thus arrive earlier, and better, at achieving company objectives and the much-desired budget!

In the villas, structures that guarantee maximum social distancing, for example, training courses, yoga sessions, relaxation moments can be organized, alternating work sessions with a swim in the pool or a game of ping pong. And that’s not all. Opening the doors of one’s own home, for the owners of villas and farmhouses, could also mean opening up the entrance of their properties to exclusivity, thus also capturing new customers. It is well known that flexible workspaces allow companies to grow according to the needs of the moment. And this feature, not of secondary importance, is also inherent in a villa.

The common goal, therefore, for everyone, is certainly to open the doors to a new way of doing smart working! All you have to do is choose the real ideal place to work.



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