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Booking Terms and Conditions





The rental of all properties listed on the website www.homelikevillas.com and contained in the catalogue, has the legal status of “Tourist Location” and is managed by HOMELIKE VILLAS on behalf of the owners on their express authorization, according to the prices advertised on the website and in compliance with the terms and conditions established by the private agreement stipulated with the owners themselves. On the website the properties are listed onto two different types, PRIVATE STRUCTURES and ACCOMMODATION STRUCTURES, in both cases located in Self Catering (fully equipped houses, equipped with linen but not equipped with products for house cleaning and personal hygiene).

According to the Italian national and regional laws, the definition of Private Property derives from the fact that the owner rents the property as a private citizen and not as a company or an accommodation with hotel or any other similar licenses and cannot therefore, provide services like a hotel (linen change, midweek cleaning, etc.) during the stay of the guest, possible instead in the so-called accommodation facilities. These services may only be provided by third parties and paid directly by the host on site. Moreover, private structures, in the absence of guests are often inhabited by the owner, therefore the rent is intended as occasional and non-continuous and above all in a non-entrepreneurial form. Since these are private homes for vacation use, they do not have internationally recognized standards or categories, but reflect instead the local traditions and the owner’s personal taste in architecture and furnishings, and is therefore normal – as is normal in the houses where we usually live – that there may be small defects.




HOMELIKE VILLAS deals with weekly rentals that extend from Saturday to Saturday, for a maximum of 4 consecutive weeks for the same customer, if provided for by the agreement with the owner. In low and mid season it will be possible to book shorter stays, or with arrivals and departures on days other than Saturday, only in some accommodation facilities and with the owner’s consent.




  • Write to info@homelikevillas.com and ask the availability of the house in the pre-established period and ask to hold an option on it. More than two properties cannot be selected at the same time.
  • The options will last for 48 hours. Afterwards the options, if not confirmed by the customer, will be automatically deleted from the system. The property will therefore be free and can be booked again online.
  • The duration of the options and the expiry date will be communicated at the time of acceptance by e-mail. By the deadline, customers can inform HOMELIKE VILLAS about their decision and confirming the booking via e-mail/telephone or proceeding to pay the deposit requested via bank transfer.
  • For reservations within 90 days of arrival you will not be able to hold an option, but you must proceed directly to the reservation by paying the full amount of the reservation via bank transfer or credit card, with payment confirmation deemed binding and always validated by the copy of the transaction carried out by the requested date, and confirmed upon receipt of the same.
  • In the event that a customer, who has opted for a property, indicates the intention to book later than the established deadline and a second customer has in the meantime opted for the same house for the same period, the first customer must necessarily wait for the decision of the second.




  • Once received the booking request via bank transfer (or via website / e-mail / phone) and confirmed the availability of the structure for the selected period, HOMELIKE VILLAS will reserve it in favour of the client, sending (via e-mail) confirmation of booking with bank details necessary for the requested payment. The reservation will be confirmed only upon receipt of payment within the established deadline and copy of the bank transfer made.
  • For bookings near the arrival date (within 60 days before arrival), reservation of the property must be made directly, considered binding and in any case always validated by the copy of the bank transfer made before the deadline and confirmed upon receipt.
  • Reservation requests via bank transfer, if not confirmed by the customer by the deadline communicated, will be automatically deleted from the system. The property, will therefore be free and bookable again.
  • To define booking and activate the insurance policy for all participants to the stay, clients are required to send by e-mail the booking form, duly completed and countersigned, no later than 5 days from the date of confirmation, including personal data of all the participants.




  • Once received the booking request via bank transfer (or via website / e-mail / phone) and confirmed the availability of the structure for the selected period, HOMELIKE VILLAS will reserve it in favour of the client, sending (via e-mail) confirmation of booking with the bank details necessary for the payment requested.
  • The reservation will be confirmed only upon receipt of payment within the established deadline and copy of the bank transfer made.
  • For bookings near date of arrival (within 90 days of arrival), reservation of the property must be made directly, considered binding and in any case always validated by the copy of the bank transfer made before the deadline, and confirmed upon receipt.
  • Reservation requests via bank transfer, if not confirmed by the customer by the expiry date communicated, will be automatically deleted from the system. The property, therefore, will be free and bookable again.
  • To define the booking and activate the insurance policy all participants to the stay are required to send by e-mail the booking form, duly completed and countersigned, no later than 5 days from the date of confirmation, including personal data of all the participants.




For bookings made at less than 90 days before the beginning of the stay, customers must proceed to pay the full amount of the rental in a single solution, at the time of booking. The payment methods to be respected are the same as those adopted in the normal booking procedure.


To be paid at the time of booking: 30% as DEPOSIT calculated on the rental price, plus 7.5% as Homelike Villas booking fees.
To be paid within 90 days before the stay: 70% as BALANCE to be paid by bank transfer or credit card.

Booking fees (7.5% of the rental price) include:
a) Dedicated Travel and Vacation Consultant.
b) Booking management fee.
c) Homelike Villas Commissions;
d) Customer service 8.30 am – 9.00 pm, 7 days a week.

Upon receipt of the deposit Homelike Villas will consider the booking confirmed and valid.

The cancellation of a reservation, even if replaced by another one, involves the following penalties:
– 30% of the total price plus Homelike Villas booking fees in case the cancellation of the reservation is notified before and no later than 90 days before the stay;
– 50% of the total price plus Homelike Villas booking fees in case the cancellation of the reservation is notified between the 89th and the day of the stay;

* The cancellation of the reservation must be sent to the email address info@homelikevillas.com or villasinitalysrl@semplicepec.it
** “Homelike Villas booking fees” are never refundable.




Homelike Villas will endeavour to please the client in his/her request for modification within the cancellation terms, without applying any additional penalties or costs of practice.




All the properties in the Homelike Villas catalogue and on the homelikevillas.com website have been selected, examined and photographed by Homelike Villas. The descriptions published by our company correspond to the actual state of the buildings at the time of the visit and the acquisition and have been drafted in good faith.

What Homelike Villas offers to the client is a way of life, that is the possibility of living and getting to know the habits and customs of the local population, spending a holiday in private houses that represent Italian tradition and historical memory and that do not respond to recognized categories on an international scale, but follow the personal tastes of the owners. Therefore any small failures related to the characteristics of the architecture and the traditions of the place cannot be considered as a reason for complaint.

Homelike Villas will not be held responsible if a customer does not find the property of his/her taste, having provided photos, videos, maps, detailed information and the best possible description of the structure, and having the client signed the booking contract that explicitly requires the accurate reading of the information relating to the property booked in all its parts.

In the case of presence of people with disabilities or limited mobility, we would like to point out that some structures, even if they have a room and bathroom suitable for disabled people, are in any case country houses and therefore with all the limitations that this may entail and not necessarily without architectural barriers even inside. Even if children are present, it is advisable to pay attention to the descriptions and photos of the properties and to request further details from the Homelike Villas operators in order to make sure that the chosen property is suitable. Homelike Villas is therefore not held responsible in the event that a client has not correctly read the detailed description on the website, not required plan of the property or contacted the operators for further information.

The criteria adopted by Homelike Villas in the searching and selection of the facilities are based on the identification of features and accessories able to guarantee a good degree of comfort, responding positively to the needs of an international audience.

If at the time of arrival or during the week the client notices serious inaccuracies in the description of the property, or if there are problems that he/she will not be able to solve or minimize, client can immediately contact his TVC (Travel and Vacation Consultant) as the sole representative on behalf of Homelike company.

The Travel and Vacation Consultant will endeavour to solve the problem as soon as possible to ensure a good stay of guests at the booked property.

However, Homelike Villas reserves the right to verify on site and during the stay of the vacationers, through a TVC representative, the reasons for the claim and possible shortcomings of the owner, both outside and inside the property. In the event that a client presents a dispute towards Homelike Villas after the end of the stay, without having previously contacted the TVC as Homelike Villas’ Customer Service during his / her stay in the reserved accommodation, no form of reimbursement will be recognized.

Moreover, no reimbursement will be given to customers that are removed from the facilities by request of the owners, due to lack of communications regarding surplus persons or presence of pets (the number of excesses and the presence of pets must always be communicated to the TVC of Homelike Villas and accepted in agreement with the owners) or in the absence of payment of the deposit required on arrival.

No form of reimbursement will be given to clients that in case of problems, leave the property without a prior written notice to Homelike Villas, or clients who decide to anticipate the departure from the property booked in the absence of valid reasons or serious inconvenience and without having given in advance written explanation and justification to Homelike Villas or that leave the property without having given to the Homelike Villas representatives the chance to verify the reason for the complaint.

Homelike Villas does not recognize as motivated reasons for complaints events not directly attributable to the organizer or owner of the property: atmospheric events, presence of local fauna, insects in general (considering the geographical position of the structures), lack of electricity, gas or water if this depends on government agencies, external causes or force majeure.

Homelike Villas declines all responsibility for any inconvenience caused by third parties, such as for example, maintenance work on public roads or renovations of buildings and similar in the vicinity of leased properties.

The owners and Homelike Villas also disclaim all responsibility for personal and / or valuable items left unattended inside the property, especially in the event that the appropriate precautions have not been taken.




In the event that Homelike Villas is forced to cancel the customer’s booking for reasons beyond its control or due to force majeure, the company will arrange, in agreement with the customer, a new holiday home having the same requirements or the same level as the previously booked property.




  • ROADS AND DISTANCES: Homelike Villas’ structures are for the most part, country villas situated in uncontaminated and quiet places. For this reason, the roads that lead to the properties are often unpaved, sometimes not very wide, and in some cases quite steep or bumpy, so the guest can ask for advice in the type of car to use.

Homelike Villas is not responsible in the event that adverse weather conditions make the roads more difficult to travel or in case the same customers are not skilled in driving on excavated roads.

  • SERVICES: In the file of each property is clearly communicated what is included or not included in the price, in addition to the possible cleaning and linen services, which is possible to book with at least 40 days’ notice of the service being performed.

  • ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE: The day of arrival and departure is Saturday, the scheduled time of arrival is between 16:00 and 20:00. Different needs must be agreed from time to time.The departure time is expected before 10:00, allowing the responsible manager to access the house to check the condition of the property and then carry out the cleaning for the new Guest.

  • SECURITY DEPOSIT: The security deposit amounts to € 500.00 to be paid to the employee in cash upon arrival. It will then be returned before departure, after the results of the control of the state of the property.

  • NUMBER OF GUESTS AND THEIR IDENTIFICATION: At the time of booking, for communication of attendance to the competent authorities, clients will be required to enter names and age of persons who will stay in the property in the notification form, thet can be found and filled in through the reserved area of the website. The file of each property, both on the web and in the catalogue, indicates a maximum number of people that the house is able to accommodate. This number (adults – children – babies) cannot be exceeded in any way.

Homelike Villas will have to be informed and will have to approve any replacement or increase of guests that occur within the property during the stay, agreeing with the owner who will be required to charge any additional costs. In case of non-communication by the client, the owner reserves the right to remove guests exceeding the number communicated.

The properties will be prepared on the basis of the booking form filled and signed by the client at the time of booking which, in case of need, must be corrected manually with the correct number of guests.

In case of alterations in the number of people present or in the arrangement of rooms upon arrival, the owner who has not been previously informed by the Agency and who has not accepted any changes will not be required to comply with them. If in his/her power, the owner will try his/her best to please the clients, that will still have the obligation to pay the required surcharges.

  • CHILDREN 0-12 MONTHS: we will be happy to provide cots, cribs and high chairs for your children. In most of our villas is a service that we offer for free with regard to the first cradle. The additional cradles requested will cost € 50.00 each. Please communicate the number of cots required through the booking form, and at least 30 days before your arrival.

  • PETS: In the file of each property is indicated if pets are allowed, in which number, in which size and if clients are required to pay a cleaning fee locally, directly to the owner (if due). At the time of booking, the client is required to communicate any pets that he/she will bring with him/her, indicating species, number and size.

  • PROPERTY CLEANING: Initial and final cleaning of the property is included in the weekly price.

Weekly cleaning (only for accommodation facilities) does not include kitchen cleaning and waste disposal.

The buildings will have to be returned in good hygienic conditions in all their parts and accessories.

Otherwise the client must pay the owner or his/her representative the cost of €. 50.00 required for cleaning.

It is up to the client to take care of waste disposal unless there is a different indication. If the guests do not provide for the cleaning of the kitchen and / or the disposal of waste from the property, the owner or his/her delegate can request the payment of a supplement for this service equal to €. 50.00.

  • POOL AND PARK MAINTENANCE: The pool will be open during the periods indicated in the file of each property (the openings in the low season will also be regulated by weather conditions). Any openings outside the indicated period, must be agreed with the owner and will require the payment of a supplement. The property will take care of all the works for the maintenance of the pool and the waters, taking care to agree with the guests the accesses to carry out the works.

  • MAINTENANCE AND SPECIAL WORKS: In case of maintenance or exceptional interventions essential for the smooth running of the holiday, clients cannot in any case prohibit the access of owners or managers to the facilities within the property or the home. It is understood that the owners will always provide a notice and require the presence of the guests themselves, provided that if guests cannot be present during the work, the owners or their staff will still enter the houses, if necessary, to carry out the any repair work.

  • TAXES: Based on the provisions of art. 4 of Legislative Decree n. 23 of 14 March 2011) Italian municipalities with a predominantly tourist vocation have until June 2012 to decide on the residence tax, intended to finance the interventions on tourism, including those to support the accommodation, maintenance, use and recovery cultural and environmental heritage, as well as local public services. The tax is applied to each overnight stay. The tax, if required by the Municipality of the property, must be paid in cash to the check-in manager before departure and the amount of the Tourist Tax will be communicated by the owner.

  • BEHAVIOURAL RULES: Guests are kindly requested to observe the behavioural rules in force or otherwise usual in our country.

Guests must comply with the rules of normal prudence and diligence, as well as with regulations and administrative or legislative provisions.

It is required to take care of the property and property in all its parts during the stay; it is forbidden to move furniture inside the house, bring furniture and furnishings inside the house and / or make a different use from the one they are made for.

In the event that a guest does not respect the rules of good behavior and these are due to damage caused to the structure or the furnishings contained therein, or to supplies outside the home related to the garden or the pool, the owner will have the right to its unquestionable judgment, to consider concluded the lease agreement by means of verbal communication to the guest and in writing, for information, to the agency, and will have the right to request the immediate removal of the client from the property.

The guest who signs the booking form will be held jointly liable, vis-à-vis the owner and Homelike Villas, for the behavior of the members of the group during the period of stay.




Homelike Villas, in compliance with Italian law and the European Community law regarding guarantees for customers in the tourism sector and pursuant to art. 62 of L.R. 9/2006 of Le Marche Region, uses the technical organization of the Tour Operator Zaffiro Emotions Tour of Borroni Sara that has stipulated the following insurance:


POLICY: N ° 112367112




Zaffiro Emotions Tour, in implementation of the art. 63, paragraph 2 of the Law. 9/2006, has stipulated a insurance policy for coverage in the event of bankruptcy as per the provisions of July 1, 2016.




Personal data and any other element learned by our Agency during the course of the assignment, will be subject to secrecy and will be treated in compliance with the confidentiality and rights of the person through the systematic application by the same of appropriate measures protection and warranty prepared for both paper and electronic processing of data and measured to the specificity of the data itself (simple personal data or sensitive or judicial data). Pursuant to and for the purposes of Legislative Decree 196/03, the Customer is informed that his personal data will be processed only for the purposes determined by the contractual relationship for these purposes (including accounting and administrative purposes). We also inform you that such data could be used for commercial and promotional activities related to the services provided by our Agency, for this last use a consent to the treatment is required. The lack of consent by the Customer will not allow our Company to use personal data to carry out commercial activities.

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