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The great exhibitions are a real attraction to fully experience the Marche even during this holiday season. Painters, sculptors, engravers, poets and photographers have marked the history of our region and have given us absolute masterpieces that make this land an ideal destination for the eyes, the mind and the heart. Especially for those who already have within themselves the desire to travel.

“Il Richiamo delle Marche” is the most important exhibition we suggest. The exhibition, dedicated to Lorenzo Lotto, is hosted until February in Macerata in the beautiful rooms of Palazzo Buonaccorsi, home of the Civic Museum. For the first time the works of Lotto, created for the territory and then dispersed throughout the world or those that have had strong ties with the Marche for history and production, are brought together in a research event, in some experimental ways in combining exhibition strength , multimedia in-depth support, great masterpieces but also ideas for critical discussion. Macerata is not a point of arrival but only a starting point as from here unravels a route that reaches Ancona, Cingoli, Jesi, Loreto, Mogliano, Monte San Giusto, Recanati and Urbino, or the other cities of the Marche where the Lotto he left a mark.

Curated with the collaboration of many scholars from the Marche region of Enrico Maria Dal Pozzolo – one of the greatest experts of the artist and co-curator of the exhibitions that, in Madrid and London, brought one of the most fascinating Renaissance artists to the international spotlight – l The exhibition presents more than 20 autograph paintings of Lotto and 5 drawings of his own hand and some extraordinary graphic works by great authors, such as Dürer and Mantegna, from which the artist drew inspiration but also precious manuscripts and volumes, globes and ancient maps, to contextualize his activity in these lands rich in art and charm.

To know more www.mostralottomarche.it

A few kilometers from Macerata, in the town of Treia made famous for the game of the Ball with the bracelet and for the production of kitchens, you can stay at Villa Il Sospiro, a beautiful cottage whose walls date back to the sixteenth century. The villa, recently renovated with wisdom, is surrounded by a garden with oaks and holm oaks where silence and tranquility accompany the visitor both in summer and in winter.

A major exhibition is also the visiting card for the celebrations for the second centenary from the writing of one of the most famous poems in the history of poetry: “L’infinito” by Giacomo Leopardi. The exhibition of the autograph manuscript, on loan from the Municipality of Visso, is one of the events of late 2018 and early 2019 in the Marche.

Starting from this rarity, the exhibition explores the concept of infinity through sections dedicated to poetry, art, photography, science, history and philosophy.

With the exhibition ticket you can access the Recanati museum circuit: Civic Museums of Villa Colloredo Mels, Museum of the Emigration of the Marches, “Beniamino Gigli” Museum, Torre del Borgo. Info on www.rinascimentosegreto.it or www.infinitorecanati.it

It is highly recommended to observe the blue mountains of leopardiana, both Villa Gioia and Villa Le Colline, both in Cingoli, the village not by chance known as the “Balcony of the Marches”. Villa Le Colline, in particular, fully reflects the medieval characteristics that date back to the construction of the village where it is located, with a large detailed garden typical of the old noble houses.

The Christmas period, and beginning of the new year, will therefore be an opportunity to admire treasures exceptionally exposed to the public and retrace the artistic parabola of great masters of art, Marches and others.

The birthplace of the great composer Gioachino Rossini, Pesaro, celebrates its 150th anniversary with a splendid exhibition at the Palazzo Mosca, the seat of the Civic Museums, an exhibition that will be extended until March 3, 2019. Life, compositions and the link with the territory of origin are collected in the “Rossini 150” exhibition to let the general public know the importance of this musician on the international scene.

The renewed “Osvaldo Licini” Contemporary Art Gallery in Ascoli Piceno hosts until 6 January 2019 the precious exhibition of about thirty works by one of the greatest masters of 20th century photography: Mario Giacomelli. The Mole Vanvitelliana of Ancona, to remain always on the theme of great – indeed very great – photographers, welcomes the exhibition with the works of Sebastião Salgado “Genesis”.

The exhibition “Oscar Marziali in the Land of the Fioretti” is exhibited in the Cantine of Bramante of the Apostolic Delegation of Loreto, while in Senigallia, until March 3, 2019, the masterpieces of some great masters are exhibited throughout the centuries. they have contributed to enriching the Adriatic centers with their works such as Vittore Crivelli, Perugino and Giaquinto.

Finally, the National Gallery of the Marches of Urbino hosts a prestigious exhibition that focuses on the artist Giovanni Santi, father of Raphael. A survey in the Italian panorama of contemporary sacred art, curated by Camillo Langone, is on display at Palazzo Capitani in Ascoli Piceno until January 13, 2019.

To easily reach the major centers of cultural and gastronomic interest of the Marche we suggest Villa Panperduto. The villa, born in 1800, is immersed in the sweet valley of the Macerata hills, in the territory of Potenza Picena, just two kilometers from the sea and from those places, which remind us that the Marches were painters, sculptors, saints and poets but also good surfers.

All that remains is to leave. Have a good trip and happy holidays