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At the TTG Travel Experience in Rimini presented the data of the first real season of Homelike Villas, the vacation rentals portal born in full earthquake emergency.

Full steam ahead for a record-breaking summer 2020 in the villas and historic homes of central Italy. Travellers from all over the world are increasingly willing to discover the territories of Le Marche, Umbria and Abruzzo, but also Tuscany, thanks to our villas with pool. A new proposal, intended primarily for incoming travellers to our country and the wedding, designed precisely to get out of the difficult moment that hospitality in the Central Italy has been going through due to the 2016 earthquake.

“In our venues we recorded increases presences of up to 30% compared to the last year. Today our network has 190 villas with pool and more than 1,500 beds. Our goal, however, remains to reach 400 properties by the end of 2022. Many of our holiday homes this summer are fully booked between June and September. Our proposals are very convenient for our guests, thanks to the possibility of reserving dream villas at a price which, in many cases, is very close to that of a 4 star hotel. On the other hand, the spending capacity of those who stay with us is high since the holidays in the Homelike venues cost on average 5 thousands euros per week. This, even from an economic point of view, has certainly helped to revive the local economy, especially in small towns, severely damaged because of earthquakes back in 2016″.

Dutch, Germans, English and French have been taken in hand by a young team that entrusts all its strength to our professional Travel and Vacation Consultants, true hospitality specialists who know the hidden beauties of our regions and share their knowledge to the guests so they can have a more direct experience with the territory also through cooking classes, wine tasting and more.

“We have made known the genuineness of Le Marche, Umbria, Tuscany and other regions where our villas are present. Our tourism is not mass tourism, nor is it inattentive tourism, but it is tourism that goes on the continuous search for the authenticity of things and routes that are capable of giving experiences – adds Alessandro Teloni, who confides – The Italian market is also becoming interested in we. Ours are not simple holiday homes but real dream homes that we can rent from Saturday to Saturday throughout the year with maximum security and privacy for our guests “.