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Travel & Vacation Consultant

Travel & Vacation Consultant

Travel & Vacation Consultant

The Travel and Vacation Consultant is a highly qualified professional specialized in the hospitality industry.
A dynamic and skilled professional which represents the reference point for all the travel related activities and experiences our guests want to live during their holidays.

The Travel and Vacation Consultant is the key figure of our ambitious project, the true link that binds us to our guests but also to the villa owners.

For our guests, the Travel and Vacation Consultant will be the true and only reference, the friend always present at his side, constantly available to ensure an unforgettable holiday. Because we must never forget that “every holiday has a fairy tale to tell.”


Meet Our Team


Alessandro – 30

I am the new villas acquisition manager. The experience in real estate gained over the years has allowed me to visit beautiful locations: villas surrounded by woods, valleys with extraordinary views, elegant classic and rustic venues that let the history of our land transpire from their very walls.
My dream is to make all the travelers of the world get a taste of a week in one of our villas in Central Italy at least once in a lifetime … of course they will then be captured forever!

Beatrice – 28

After my studies I always wanted to travel and see the world. I started from America and then I spent two years working in London and eventually in Brazil. All this led me here, involved in this beautiful project for which I deal with business development with travel agencies. I love working with people and helping them organize their ideal vacation.

Eva – 22

Newly graduated in Communication Sciences. I like traveling, learning about different cultures and I love working with the public (especially on Monday)! What I love about my role as Travel and Vacation Consultant is being able to help our guest build their trip from A to Z, providing all-round assistance before, during and after their trip. For me the most beautiful and motivating aspect is being able to make a person (or an entire family) happy by creating the perfect vacation. Whether it’s a trip among the most classic destinations or a tailor-made holiday, perhaps with the organization of a wedding, the smiles of happiness fill my heart and are priceless.

Giacomo – 32

During my Management studies, I had the opportunity to spend a lot of time abroad thanks to scholarships that I was awarded with. There I realized how superficially my land was known globally. Italy goes far beyond Rome, Florence, Venice, Amalfi and Milan. The real Italy is not like that but rather: idyllic old villages overlooking lush valleys, delicious and amazing eno-gastronomic diversity, amazing naturalistic beauties and ancient traditions. All things that in a metropolis are engulfed by the chaos of routine and that, thanks to this project, I want to help people discover and appreciate.

Roberta – 42

I was born and raised in a medieval town between Tuscany and Umbria, among Art and Nature and filled with Beauty and Wellness. What’s my mission? Lead you through the Holiday of your lifetime!

Daniele – 45

Professional journalist, since 1993 I had fun working as a speaker on radio, TV presenter, newspaper editor for various news agencies, I wrote streams of ink for newspapers and magazines before getting into the online. I manage various press offices, I coordinate the editing of a magazine and I am a consultant for some companies in a very particular sector. “Living to tell it” is my long-term goal.

Agnese – 26

Born in Umbria, in 2012 I moved to Milan to study Management for Art, Culture, Media and Communication at Bocconi. I have always loved traveling and coming into contact with new cultures, this passion has led me to study languages ​​(English, French, Spanish) and to live for several months abroad. Being a Travel and Vacation Consultant I love the contact with people and the possibility of creating unforgettable experiences of enchantment and wonder for our customers … and you who are reading, you could be the next! “


Travel & Vacation Consultant


Our Travel and Vacation Consultants make contact with new villa owners, get to know them personally and visit their villas making sure to establish a relationship of trust that reflects our standards, help the owner understand what improvements he can make to his venue so that it is even more perfect for welcome our guests, follow our guests booking and organize their holiday in detail until they check out and make sure everything is as wonderful as expected.

We believe that a relationship of trust is created only by keeping the promises made by both parties.

We chose to get in the game directly without delegating the holidays you are waiting for or the most important event of your life, to a simple switchboard that sorts your requests without listening to you.

The Travel and Vacation Consultant will be a reference for holidays in Italy and someone to count on for its support for every aspect, from the time of booking until check-out and why not, maybe he will show you many pleasant opportunities for fun and culture during your stay, with the aim of having you with us even for future holidays in Italy.

Become a New Generation Professional! Free To Manage Your Business and Make It Grow!

Continuous training to enrich and constantly upgrade everyone’s professional background and job expectations.
By becoming a Travel and Vacation Consultant you will have access to all the knowledge and tools you need to do this job with the utmost professionalism and in the best possible way.

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