Why should you rely on a Homelike Villas Travel & Vacation Consultant to organize your next trip? The reasons are multiple!

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Those who are used to travel will surely have noticed that times have really changed. In the nineties it was enough to rely on a good agency to discover the world, but today it is the world that wants to discover us with our desires, our dreams, our desire for adventure. In the world of travel this now marks everyday life. The sector is increasingly trying to meet its customers to package truly tailor-made ideas and proposals.


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Tell us how your ideal holiday would be.


For this reason, at Homelike Villas we thought of the figure of the Travel & Vacation Consultant: person that makes us unique and special because only our organization is able to offer these highly qualified and specialized professionals in the tourism sector who will be – before, during and after each stay in one of our wonderful properties – your true and only point of reference. Holidays is, in short, the key focus of our ambitious project. It is the real glue that binds us reciprocally to our customers but also to the owners of the beautiful modern villas and the charming historic houses of our network.

During your holiday you can contact our Travel & Vacation Consultants at any time. They will be ready to answer all your requests before arrival, to greet you on the day of your departure and will be happy to hear from you even after meeting you. Their will be a discreet presence because they will know how to be there whenever you want while staying in their place.


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You can count on them to recommend a destination, a restaurant or a place of entertainment, an attraction or a monument. But also to help you book a gala evening, or a romantic dinner, an excursion on horseback or by bike, to let you say how to reach the nearest supermarket or to show you where to buy genuine products or to suggest how to visit one of the many outlets in the area of our villas. Our Travel & Vacation Consultants will also be able to guide you on wonderful tours to discover villages and historic centers which, in the Bel Paese, are wonderfully unique. And they will organize transfers, reservations and rentals. Our Travel and Vacation Consultants will also be able to respond to your requests regarding an infinite number of services such as air flights, train travel, various ticket offices, reservations at museums, theaters and places of art, rent a car, chef service organization in villa, babysitting service, cooking classes, yoga and other sports, excursions of any kind.


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Ask your Travel & Vacation Consultant for help if you need it.


So, are you ready to go? With our Travel & Vacation Consultants your next holiday will truly be a fairy tale to tell…

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