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He has already made the rounds of several European Capitals several times and several times and now the Festival of Nations, an event that every year turns Città di Castello into the most important square in the world for lovers of classical music, casts an eye to the East.

The appointment with the refined music festival from August 25th to September 7th will be dedicated to China, with a program of twenty major shows and an endless series of side events that will take place in the most picturesque villages of the Upper Valley Tiber.

Among the special projects also the one that will involve in the initiative the Italian singer-songwriter, actor, director and writer David Riondino together with the vocal and instrumental group LaReverdie in a musical journey on the tracks of Marco Polo in the Milione, or the book of wonders. The reconstruction of a Beijing Jesuit Mass, by the ensemble XVIII-21 Le Baroque Nomade, directed by Jean-Christophe Frisch, with a tifernate choral group instructed by Marcello Marini and Alessandro Bianconi, is very fascinating. And, again, a dramaturgical representation by Maria Grazia Calandrone, on music by Clara and Robert Schumann, on the bicentenary of Clara’s birth with the extraordinary participation of actress Gaia De Laurentiis.

But it will be the music, the classical one, that prevails over everything. Two orchestral ensembles: the Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra, directed by Lin Daye, and the Orchestra della Toscana, led by Hong Yin. With the two formations also the soloists Jieni Wan and Francesco Libetta. Opening the event will be the prestigious European Chinese Chamber Orchestra but also violinist Ning Feng and pianist Nicholas Rimmer and Chinese musicians Fu Wanying and Fu Yidan. Their performances will be associated with a pictorial creation that will be performed live by An Pei. The solo on the piano this year, on the occasion of the 52nd edition of the festival, will be entrusted to the Chinese Sa Chen. In the context of contemporary languages, the extraordinary pianist Stefano Bollani is highly anticipated, with the Napoli Trip project, but also the concert dedicated to Salvatore Sciarrino, with the Ensemble Suono Giallo. Two will be the original productions of the Festival delle Nazioni at the debut: 2 兩, a show by Caterina Casini and Alessandro Stella, freely taken from the Good Soul of the Sezuan by Bertolt Brecht with music in the absolute premiere of Antonio Gioia, and Turandot.com, « futuristic fairy tale »with libretto, music and sound direction by Perugian composer Raffaele Sargenti.

Finally, there will be a dance with a tribute to Nijinskiij staged by the EgriBiancoDanza Company. In 52 years of great artistic and cultural experiences, the Festival has given the possibility to all European nations to offer their vast musical traditions to a vast audience, dedicating their artistic, cultural and musical project to one of them each year. This year, for the second time, it leaves the community borders after hosting Armenia to welcome music and culture from the largest nation in the world.

To fully experience the magical experience of the festival, Homelike Villas awaits you in its wonderful abodes. A ten minute drive from Città di Castello, on a hilltop more than 700 meters high, where you can breathe fresh air even on hot summer days, you will find Villa Panorama, an enchanted view of four regions: Umbria, Tuscany, Emilia Romagna and Marche. Recently restored, after a recovery completed a few years ago, this dwelling also features a delightful chapel dating back as far as 1400. Surrounded by a property of 40 hectares of land, Villa Panorama is the ideal place to reach, even on foot, the mountain Cedrone, the highest point of the Umbrian Valtiberina.

In the same valley there is also Villa la Cittadella, a small village within an eco-friendly corner of paradise immersed in a 12-hectare park and surrounded by hills adorned with olive groves, vineyards and chestnut groves. The Borgo dates back to the 17th century. In the structure guests will find a completely private panoramic swimming pool, an organic vegetable garden from which to pick vegetables and even a small fishing pond to enjoy pleasant moments.

History, nature and culture can live in the same place. Villa dei Musicisti, in Città di Castello, is the authentic demonstration of this. Noble residence of 1750, this residence presents twelve beautifully restored apartments where the charm of time seems to have really stopped. The Villa has always opened its doors to artists, writers and lovers of the history of art. The property organizes, almost throughout the year, parties with the participation of many celebrities.

In Santa Maria Tiberina, Villa Storie di Borgo awaits you. This dwelling owes its name to the particularity of being a real country village. From the characteristic country architecture, with the use of irregular bricks and wood, Villa Storie di Borgo also boasts a small oil mill where olives are processed that are harvested every season within its own park.


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