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In Umbria, the Green Heart of Italy, there are many opportunities to experience a holiday in close contact with nature. Land that hosts a national park and seven regional parks, together with protected areas and areas of naturalistic interest, Umbria truly presents unique scenarios in the world.

Here San Francesco was inspired by the wonders of Creation to write the oldest poetic composition of Italian literature, the “Cantico dei Cantici“, a real praise to life and everything that surrounds the human being.


Umbrian Landscape

The wonder of Umbrian landscapes


Among the travel ideas, a trip to the Marmore Falls certainly deserves first place, one of the most beautiful and natural places in Italy and, probably in Europe, given the extraordinary height.

Built by the Romans to reclaim a marshy area near the Black River, they inspired Virgil, Cicero and many other poets, writers and artists.

To enjoy a show of incomparable beauty in this wonderful site, seek refuge in the Balcony of lovers. From here you can relive the effect of the courageous gesture of love that is linked to the story of the Black nymph – daughter of the Apennine God – and her lover, the shepherd Velino.


Otherwise, the Parco delle Marmore will offer you the opportunity to visit caves dug over the millennia by the waters. Discover the cave of the Morta or that of the Diaclasi, the natural cave of the Colonne or the longer one, that of the Condotta, a path of almost 200 meters which takes its name from the ancient pipeline that in the past powered the system of hydroelectric power plants in the area. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the park also through the experience of the 6D cinema, by reservation on Saturday and Sunday.


Among the fabulous places there is certainly also Lake Trasimeno, the fourth largest lake in Italy. “A veil of silver”: this is how Lord Byron defined him, who in Umbria was kidnapped by several pearls of nature.

Visit the cities that overlook this stretch of water – Castiglione del Lago, Panicare, Città della Pieve, Passignano sul Trasimeno, Tuoro – and sit at the table to eat specialties based on lake fish such as carp in porchetta, the eel, perch and tench. Exciting an excursion to the Maggiore island or to Polvese. The tours to the San Feliciano fishing museum or to the boat museum in the fortress of Passignano are also fun.


Lake Trasimeno Umbria

The colours of Lake Trasimeno


In spring on Piani di Castelluccio you can enjoy a real explosion of colors: poppies, cornflowers, daisies and lentils draw, between May and June, rainbow handkerchiefs over the fields.

The Plans are three and cover an area of ​​15 square kilometers. From Castelluccio, a village perched on a hill, outdoor walks start that involve trekking, Nordic walking but also horseback riding and excursions with hang gliding and paragliding.


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In Terni there is the UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve of Mount Peglia: 40 thousand hectares of holm oaks, Turkey oaks, oaks and maples together with many other tree species where 44 species of wild mammals live and where there are prehistoric deposits of more than 700 thousand years together with the extinct volcanoes of San Venanzo where it is possible to observe the association of very rare rocks, present only in Quing Ling in China, in Bunyaruguru, Katwe Kykorongo in Uganda and in Mata de Corda in Brazil.

Just south of Bevagna there is the Piediluco lake among the destinations for centuries of the Grand Tour, an itinerary to discover the natural pearls of Europe.


To walk in a forest three million years ago you will have to reach Avigliano Umbro. Here is the fossil forest of Dunarobba.

It is a series of trunks that have survived the passage of the millennia thanks to a continuous burial process that has surprisingly preserved part of the stems of a prehistoric coniferous forest.


Umbrian house

Every detail counts


If you are looking for a fairytale, very romantic place, stop at the Fonti del Clitunno, between Spoleto and Foligno. The underground spring waters rise to the surface making a placid lake alive which, in every day of the year, is a colorful palette of colors in constant mutation.

From Spoleto to Norcia, on foot, you can walk the path of the former railway. About twenty kilometers long, the route offers an itinerary of great beauty with the possibility of stopping in some former buildings that have been redeveloped and transformed into reception and tourist information points. In the old station of Spoleto, however, the railway museum is of particular interest.


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Do not miss the excursions to the Sibillini Mountains National Park, perhaps arriving at the top of the Vettore at 2,476 meters above sea level, to the regional parks of Colfiorito, Mount Cucco, Mount Subasio, to the Tiber River Park, to the Park of Monte Peglia and to the Selva di Meana, the Trasimeno Lake Park and the Nera River Park.

The latter is called the “water park” with 20 kilometers of clear and crystalline waters of the Nera that run through a beautiful stretch of Valnerina. The territory is characterized by fortified villages and castles: Collestatte, Torre Orsina, Casteldilago, Arrone, Montefranco, Ferentillo, Macenano and Terria. In Ferentillo, in the crypt of the church of Santo Stefano, mummified bodies are preserved. To the east is Polino, the smallest town in Umbria, perched on the mountain close to the ancient transhumance routes.

Finally, among many itineraries, we recommend a stop in Rasiglia, a mountain hamlet in the municipality of Foligno in the Menotre valley. It seems to go into a fairy tale, to walk in the middle of the crib in a village stopped in time between rivers, waterfalls and houses.


Umbria, a land of rivers and lakes, is also an ideal place for outdoor sports including canyoning, rafting, caving and canoeing, paragliding and hang gliding. The Green Heart of Italy awaits you … also to entertain you!

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