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Italy is the land of a thousand villages and a thousand bell towers. This is a characteristic that the whole world envies us. Our history, made up of wars and divisions, has left us a legacy of a territory forged in a unique and inimitable way!

From the Middle Ages to our days we have been able to preserve castles and fortresses, towers and parish churches, squares, shrines and monasteries, literally stopping time so much so that today, in many villages in the “Bel Paese”, there is a sort of dimension out of time.

This is also the charm of our Italy, especially the real, authentic and pure one.


Umbrian landscape

A wonderful umbrian landscape


They know it well in the small hamlet that houses Villa Tramonto sul Lago.

Legend has it that the nymph Agilla fell in love with Prince Trasimeno, son of the Etruscan king Tyrrhenian. It is said that to attract her lover to herself, the beautiful girl began to sing and he, by boat, went to the center of the lake, near the island Polvese.The two met, embraced for the first time and, shortly after , they got married.

The day after the wedding, however, Trasimeno went out for a swim in the waters from which he never emerged. Agilla searched in vain for his whole life.


Whenever the rustling of the wind moves the leaves of the trees even around Villa Tramonto sul Lago, the locals say that the Nymph is crying and desperate.

Overlooking the places of legend, the villa lies on top of a sweet hill thus born, in the early 90s, from the skilful restoration of what was an ancient village dating back to the mid-1600s which belonged to the Marquis Ranieri di Sorbello: 17 apartments have been created from the ancient rural dwellings that once formed this village. of all comforts. Villa Tramonto sul Trasimeno is also a fairytale location also for weddings.


Villa Tramonto sul Lago

Location of Villa Tramonto sul Lago


In the Valtiberina Umbra, bordering to the west with Tuscany, there is Villa La Cittadella, a village dating back to the seventeenth century.

It is a small village in a true corner of eco-friendly paradise surrounded by a 12-hectare park and surrounded by hills adorned with olive groves, vineyards and chestnut groves.Here guests will find a completely private panoramic swimming pool, an organic garden from which to collect vegetables and also a small fishing pond to delight in pleasant moments of leisure.


Villa la Cittadella

Take a look at Villa la Cittadella


On the hill below the village of Panicale, in the province of Perugia, Villa Petrarvella awaits you, a typical farmhouse recently renovated.

The estate has its own roads, a stream that crosses it, fruit trees and a beautiful forest, where you can walk undisturbed enjoying the surrounding beauty. The property consists of four independent farmhouses and a large main building. The latter serves as a manor house located above the hill just to dominate the valley.


Villa Petrarvella

The peaceful Villa Petrarvella


Umbria, with its ancient charm, is instead enclosed in Villa Borgo Pietra Antica.

A period residence with a unique charm, this location has an enchanting run-up of spaces where you can get lost and find yourself together: the tower, the house of the priest, the house of Venus, the house of the farmer, the house of the chestnut and the oven. Whether yours is a honeymoon vacation, a week to frame or to live with the family, it doesn’t matter.


Here, for everyone, it is easy to rediscover and appreciate an infinite series of emotions. The ancient stones, the exposed beams, the terracotta floors, the fireplaces, the ancient doors, all breathe an overwhelming atmosphere.

Each corner preserves the charisma of a past but reborn era, through the reopening of life and guests who are welcomed here with warmth and kindness and invited to savor the ancient splendors.


Borgo Pietra Antica with Pool

Borgo Pietra Antica overview


Finally, with a 360 degree view of the Val Tiberina, dominating a property that extends over thirty hectares of woods and fields, Villa Storie di Borgo is ready to welcome you, a completely renovated rural complex with undoubted charm.

Accommodations recall, in the name, the four elements that bring together the natural order of things: Air, Water, Earth and Fire. With them a fifth unique location, the Tower, located inside an ancient defensive bulwark that stands in the center of the village. Spending a holiday in this place means taking a romantic dip in the past.

From the windows of the spacious Aria apartment, on the first floor of the large farmhouse, you can instead admire one of the most beautiful landscapes of central Italy.

Under the large porch of the Acqua apartment you can fall in love with the beautiful panorama made of pristine hills that are reflected in the water of the large outdoor swimming pool. I

n the Terra location an ancient fireplace and a large living room will await you to let you breathe the warmth of an authentic old Tuscan house.

Finally the Fire, on cool summer evenings, will light up to pamper guests and warm them up while waiting for a breakfast with typical products on the splendid outdoor veranda.


Together with the swimming pool, guests of Villa Storie di Borgo also have a tennis court and spaces available outside where you can pleasantly spend different moments of the day.


Villa Storie di Borgo piscina

Amazing Villa Storie di Borgo


Come and visit our villas, you will discover the Italy of a thousand villages and a thousand bell towers!

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