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After the prestigious Sunday Times, which at the beginning of the year invited to forget about Tuscany and discover Le Marche – or rather “lay-mar-kay” – instead as, the secret region of Italy, even the US economy magazine Forbes dedicates its attention to a rich and extraordinary territory in many aspects, winking at one of its great wines: Verdicchio.
Rich and full-bodied white, Verdicchio goes down which is a pleasure with mussels even if it is easy to mistake it – the inexperienced Forbes wine lovers – with an expensive Chardonnay aged in oak barrels from the French region of Burgundy.
“Most of the white wines from Verdicchio grapes – it explains in a contribution to the magazine Marisa D’Vari, author of many stories of wine – are fermented in stainless steel to keep the freshness so popular on the international market. The richness and the golden yellow color come from the grape itself, as well as the amount of time the wine spends in order to age following a winemaking technique that gives further richness and consistency to the wine itself “.
The most famous area for Verdicchio in Le Marche is that of the Castelli di Jesi where DOC wines are produced, with Denomination of Controlled Origin. In general, the style can range from light and fresh to rich, full and complex. Many tasters can identify subtle flavors of fennel and herbs, making it an excellent wine to pair with fish. If left to age in the bottle, Verdicchio develops a rich and buttery flavor that is indescribably delicious and convincing.
Although more famous as still wine grapes, the Verdicchio grape can be transformed into a sparkling wine and into a rich and sweet passito, to be enjoyed after dinner.
Castelli dei Jesi is the most famous Doc for Verdicchio but also the nearby area of ​​Verdicchio di Matelica is quite famous. Because of its exclusive north-south orientation, its Verdicchio wines have a fuller body and a high value in dry extract and mineral salts. Other white varieties include Pecorino and Passerina, sold in both smooth and sparkling versions.
The most prestigious wine production in the Marche is however that of the Rosso Conero, a wine that comes from 100% of Montepulciano grapes even though the disciplinary allows the addition of 15% of Sangiovese.
Wine lovers who visit Le Marche will find a vast assortment of producers and wineries. Alessandro Starrabba, from the Malacari winery, is a characteristic character who organically produces his Rosso Conero in a 1668 villa owned by his family.
In contrast to the classics cellar of Malacari you can also visit the modern and bright cellar of the Bruscia winery. Together with these there is another family-run company of all respect: Ciu Ciu, a company with 180 hectares of vineyards from which 1.5 million bottles of wine are produced per year.
“Le Marche – is the promotion with full marks that makes Verdicchio regional wines the magazine Forbes – produce remarkable white and red wines, wines that have an extraordinary value. Slowly but surely, Le Marche wines are entering the US market”.

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