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Easter, as the writer, traveler and poet Erri De Luca tells, is the voice of the Hebrew verb “pèsah”, which means passing. It is not a holiday for residents, but for wonderers who desire to travel. Whether you are a last-minute man or a thorough planner, it does not matter, the important thing is that you are still ready to travel and enjoy not reaching a goal but reaching a condition that begins much earlier and never ends since the memories continue to flow in even after you have returned home.
This is the true meaning of the journey, of every journey. Also of what we propose to you in search of what, for Christians, is the main solemnity with which we intend to celebrate, every year, the resurrection of Jesus while for all others it is simply an opportunity to go to discovery, perhaps much more secular, of customs, tastes and traditions.
The historical liturgy is linked to the Christian liturgy which, on Holy Friday, revive the most moving scenes of the Passion and death of Jesus Christ.

The followings are some nice traditional events occurring in Le Marche:

  • The “Turba” of Cantiano (April 19) is very well-known, recalling when the people asked for grace back in the 1200s and invoked the intercession of God and Holy Mary against misery, famine and war.
  • In Osimo, the city of the headless, at dusk on Good Friday, the historic center is illuminated by torches at the passage of the procession of the Dead Christ accompanied by the characteristic “sacconi” which, with black robes and hoods, accompany the nineteenth-century catalog on foot at the sound of the battistangola.
  • In Porto Recanati twelve “sciabegatti”, twelve barefoot fishermen, retrace the stations of the Passion carrying in procession the coffin mounted on a wooden machine five meters high.
  • Unique in its kind throughout Italy, in Ripatransone, the Good Friday procession is animated by the Cavallo di Fuoco, a horse that gives off fireworks in all directions.

In Umbria, where religious traditions are much more intense, instead you should not miss on the following happenings:

  • in Spello, the historic center of one of the most beautiful medieval villages in Italy is transformed into a single and large exhibition site to host the “Via Crucis d’autore”: the fourteen stations that celebrate the Passion of Christ become a motive of inspiration for national and international artists who, for the occasion, produce paintings to be placed in the most significant places of the ancient city, corresponding to the Catholic iconography with which the stages of Christ condemned to death to Mount Getzemani are remembered. Starting from the church of Sant’Andrea, and returning to the church of San Lorenzo, the fourteen stations become stops in front of which to listen to the gospel message in a space where spirituality, emotion, participation and culture converge to create unique moments.
  • In Bevagna since 1500 the Procession of the Dead Christ is proposed with the three Crociferi to represent the Christ, dressed in red, and the two robbers, dressed in black.
  • In the city of Saint Francis, Assisi, Holy Thursday begins with the “Scavigliazione”, that is to say the deposition of the crucifix. On the morning of Good Friday, the procession is held for the transfer of the Dead Christ to the Basilica of San Francesco, while in the afternoon in the church of Santa Maria Maggiore “Three Hours of Agony” are celebrated. On Friday evening, with the city illuminated by the glow of the torches, the evocative Procession of the Brotherhoods begins.

In Tuscany on Easter Sunday there some events that can’t simply be missed:

  • in Florence, the “Scoppio del Carro”. From the Cathedral the cart loaded with fireworks reaches Santa Maria del Fiore accompanied by many faithful in procession and escorted by flag-wavers and drummers. Here a rocket in the shape of a colombina is thrown into the air outside the cathedral to go to burn and animate the wagon and fireworks that it transports.
  • Easter is not only made up of moments of faith and religiosity, it is also a re-enactment of flavors and traditions. We stay in Tuscany to point out the Palio delle Botti of Bibbona that sees the various districts of the town in the race in pushing the barrels down the narrow streets of the village.
  • On the island of Elba the festival of Sportella is celebrated, a typical Easter cake of these areas that was once given by young women to their lovers to seal their engagement.

To make you enjoy these moments to the fullest, Homelike Villas suggests you last minute offers and packages, with a minimum stay of three nights. Among the destinations of a thousand and one nights you will find Villa Sogno Adriatico, an exclusive residence capable of combining all the Italian charm with the warm embrace of the Marche. Inside this enchanting location also features a wonderful Spa with a 6-seater hot tub, Turkish bath, sauna and fitness center with Technogym equipment.

In Tuscany Villa Poggio agli Ulivi awaits you, one of the oldest country residences of the Tuscan nobility of the 18th century. The residence was wanted, in the first half of the eighteenth century, by the noble Florentine family Ristori, as a summer retreat to recharge oneself in the quiet of the countryside. In the early 1970s the villa was purchased by the current owner who carried out a careful renovation while respecting the layout of the interior spaces and giving new light to the frescoes of the artists of the time. Today the dwelling is, therefore, truly unique in its kind. Nestled in the Valdichiana hills, in the heart of Tuscany, at the foot of the small medieval village of Lucignano, this noble residence is the ideal place for large families, or groups of friends, and can accommodate up to 18 people.

In Città di Castello, in Umbria, history, nature and culture come back to life in the same place: Villa dei Musicisti. Noble residence of 1750, this residence presents twelve beautifully restored apartments where the charm of that time seems to have really stopped.

Easter is not a holiday for residents, but for migrants who rush to travel. It does not wait for you to leave.

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