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With spring nature awakens and the Green Heart of Italy, Umbria, beats again. Together with references to traditional enchanting places, which have always made this region unique – from Lake Trasimeno to the Marmore waterfall, traveling to other traditional destinations such as Lake Piediluco – there is a wealth of opportunities around to enjoy a period of time of vacation with family or friends, even better if to spend in one of the structures of Homelike Villas. These are some of the best proposals, selected for our exclusive clientele.

The wine, the nectar of the gods, and the extra-virgin olive oil, the green gold, come together in marriage for the new edition of Terrawine Festival, staged on 11 and 12 May in Orvieto, in the evocative setting of the castle of Titignano. A unique exhibition to promote not only the treasures of the territory but also to talk and discuss, between masterclasses and seminars, on two of the most important table protagonists. Of course, the typical productions of these areas. The 2019 edition of the event aims to celebrate the Women of Wine from all over Italy and offer them a just and proper tribute.

Also in Orvieto, the city built by the Etruscans on a tuff rock, together with the masterpieces of the art of Arnolfo di Cambio, Lorenzo Maitani, Pisano, Pinturicchio and Signorelli, you can visit prestigious wineries. Here, not surprisingly, the Regional Enoteca is located in Orvieto, producing a wine with a very refined taste like the Muffato, along with a series of head-turning labels: the Cervaro de La Sala, the Fobiano de La Carraia, the Cardeto Febeo.

But on May 15th every year Umbria has the most heartfelt anniversary, the Festa dei Ceri in Gubbio. A mix between a unique religious event, linked to the celebration of the Patron Saint Ubaldo, and a historical re-enactment. The statues of Sant’Ubaldo, San Giorgio and Sant’Antonio surmount the candles that are carried on the shoulder in a race that takes place in the alleys of the historic center. The Piazza Grande hosts the “riser” of the candles, a truly magical moment. The “capodieci”, with a spectacular maneuver, pull up the imposing wooden structures weighing almost four hundred kilograms. In the afternoon the real race anticipated by the cry “Via ch’eccoli!” which precedes, slightly, the passage of the race. There is no possibility of overtaking, the candle must be kept upright to avoid “falling” and “hanging”.

“Porchettiamo” has also become a tradition, the event dedicated to Porchetta in all its forms, held from 17 to 19 May in the charming village of San Terenziano. In the stands you can taste the best porchette from Umbria but also from the Marche, Tuscany, Sicily, Lazio, Calabria and Emilia Romagna.

To better enjoy Umbria we suggest you some of our homes, all splendid and all absolutely ready to welcome you, guaranteeing you absolute privacy.

Imagine feeling the branches of the trees blowing in the wind, enjoying a unique sunset overlooking the cliff dominated by the Duomo of Orvieto or strolling among the rows of a vineyard, in the middle of one of the rose gardens or among the olive trees chestnut trees that dominate the three hectares of the fenced park of a fabulous place. You will be at Villa Greta, a historic residence completely restored maintaining the originality of materials and colors and enhanced by a careful selection of antique furniture and precious fabrics. Here everything recalls the past, taste and tradition.

In its heart Villa Greta offers the best. In fact, in the rock under the farmhouse, a large tuff cave was dug, used as a cellar for wine tasting.

In Gubbio, instead, Villa la Contessa awaits you. A diamond set among the green hills that surround the medieval city. This charming residence is ideal for relaxing with your family or friends and walking outdoors. The rustic exterior, with exposed stones and wooden details, differs from the refined and elegant interiors in Baroque style which are enriched by vaulted frescoed ceilings, sculptures and references to a pleasing glimpse of the past. The relaxation areas give way to some modern touches, for a comfortable and relaxing environment.

On a promontory that extends up to Mount Cucco, on a wide bend of the Chiascio river, stands the Castello degli Arcieri. Immersed in an uncontaminated landscape, rich in woods, meadows and waters, it bases its history in the Middle Ages when it constituted the fulcrum of the defense of the Municipality of Gubbio against Perugia. It was not even conquered by the Montefeltro family, which however destroyed its mill, which was then rebuilt and still exists. Only in 1431 it passed to the Urbinate family. Here Federico da Montefeltro established his favorite hunting residence. It is said that the Duke threw himself into the hunt for deer and wild boar that still populate the property. From 1830 the property passed to the family that still owns the residence and that has a direct descent from Napoleon.

In this enchantment of nature, in this place so rich in tradition and history, you can spend pleasant days of relaxation and fun, not far from fascinating cities of art. The residence is immersed in a large park where there are roe deer, fallow deer, pheasants, wild boars and all kinds of animals typical of the area, and is part of a wildlife hunting consortium. The huge outdoor garden, which is the backdrop to the castle, and the beautiful swimming pool will be ready to welcome you for a fabulous holiday.

But throughout Umbria, many other charming residences await you.