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It is said that in the Marche the wine even helps you to live longer. It is no coincidence, in fact, that this is one of the longest-lived regions in Italy.

Certainly “of the vin bidogna fann us, no abus”, that is to say the wine must be used and not abused, as an old proverb of these lands states.

Marche wines are extraordinary and very different from one another, both in color and in aroma, taste but also aftertaste. They range from the great personality of the Lacrima of Morro d’Alba, the fragrance of the Rosso Conero, the versatility of the Bianchello del Metauro, the seductive Pecorino, the easy drinkability of the Passerina passing through the places of honor, in the world rankings, of Verdicchio of the Castelli di Jesi or Verdicchio di Matelica. Without forgetting Vernaccia, one of the few DOCGs in Italy, or the uniqueness of Vino Cotto.

Often, even in the Marche, the wine routes also lead to interesting wineries, as well as to taste, also to see.

The Moroders (https://www.moroder.wine/) are known as the “wine growers of the Conero”, as far back as 1837. The birth of the agricultural complex that hosts the most important regional winery dates back to the mid-18th century, when the Moroders, originally from Val Gardena, moved to Ancona. They are the masters of Rosso Conero: the most prestigious Conero Riserva, the Dorico, was the first wine from the Marche to obtain the 3 glasses of the Gambero Rosso with the vintage of ’88.

At the center of the estate of 52 hectares, within a natural park, develops the architectural complex of absolute authenticity that also houses the rooms used for winemaking. The new cellar has been made underground: its architecture is designed to achieve the right thermo hygrometric balance. Here more rooms are divided: from the rooms reserved for the production and storage of wine, to the tasting room, to the barrel room. Destined for the refinement and maturation of the reserves, the latter is characterized by the particular vaulted terracotta ceiling and the oak walls.

And always in the Marche is the noble cellar “Il Pollenza” by Count Aldo Maria Brachetti Peretti. The estate stands in the splendid panorama of the Macerata hills that the count bought more than twenty years ago from the Antici Mattei princes, with a beautiful building of the ‘500 designed by Sangallo the Younger. The Brachetti Peretti farm is spread over 200 hectares, of which about 70 are used as vineyards. Here the barrique cellar with a storage capacity of up to 2,000 barrels is certainly worth a visit.

The Casone is also part of the large estate, a sort of castle and protagonist theater, together with the surrounding lands, of the great battle of Tolentino, fought in the first days of May 1815. Among the best wines of this winery there is “Il Pollenza “. With it also the “Porpora”, the white “Brianello” and the ecclesiastical “Pius IX”.

In this part of the region, on the border with a nature reserve and an archaeological park, there are also the Tenute Muròla. The name comes from the source for the watering of the animals that made the land more precious. The cabrei from the early 1700s already attest to its presence. The tasting room has a name: splinter. It is an environment created specifically for what is lived here as a ritual. You sit in front of a special panoramic view of the cellar. The protagonist is the large table, symbol of the family that, starting from this place, crosses spaces and experiences and then returns to its land.

Here white, red and sparkling wines are produced. The Family Reserve deserves a separate chapter, a point of contact between modern enological science and traditional winemaking. Only the wines that emerged from the year due to their character are part of this selection.

And lastly, the Colmone della Marca Farm is small but has a very strong character, where excellent reds are vinified in white but also pure reds from precious grapes that mature in a perfect microclimate and reach their fullness with sincere work and wise professionalism. of people who love their land.

In the Marche it is easy to find beautiful homes to stay. On the wine route, in this case Verdicchio, you can find Villa Leone, a real game of uncovered cards. It is inspired by the Fool, the zero card or the 22nd, and everyone can play for a living room between these walls as they wish. It is a place that speaks and, together, it is a place that knows how to listen. It is a place that can give silence and harmony, but also the pleasure of being together.

Housed in an ancient rural house belonging to a nearby dwelling built during the 18th century on the ashes of a Roman temple, this charming farmhouse is a place of peace, full of charm and more or less hidden meanings. In these lands once the God Mitra was venerated, protector of justice, of the covenants, of the cattle and of the just men. It is a little to the latter that inspires, in its discreet charm, this good retreat with, inside, a few vintage elements combined with other hyper contemporary, carefully chosen to give the environment the right balance, wherever the point is look. Also towards the top, where the original beams of the farmhouse offer themselves naked to the guest, for an awakening in harmony with the nature of a place truly of another era. Here each room is different from the others and similar at the same time.

Suspended between sky and sea, for those who perhaps prefer to think of summer in this period, there is Villa Sogno Adriatico, an exclusive residence capable of combining all the Italian charm with the warm embrace of the Marche, the only region in the plural conceived in the singular. A dream location, beautifully designed and recently renovated, which is able to give its guests a unique experience where the luxury of a holiday and a pleasant escape from everyday life can easily get married.

Between San Severino Marche and Serrapetrona, in an area devoted to wine par excellence, there is also Villa Il Noce. In the woods overlooking the Villa there was once an ancient hunting post. Here, still today, you can watch the passage of migratory birds but the property is a place so dear to roe deer, porcupines and badgers with which it is easy to come across even during short excursions. Inside, guests are welcomed by an elegant country style with 18th-century angels and a late seventeenth-century sideboard as well as other fine furniture.

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