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Vacation time must also be time to devote oneself a little. And to find together, perhaps, a good mental condition and, why not, also physical.

How about combining a regenerating relaxation stay in one of our beautiful villas with swimming pool with a yoga retreat? The homes of Homelike Villas are ideal locations to welcome and host all this. Your holidays will be a unique opportunity to relax your mind, to get away from the usual routine, but also to get you going again.

Take a break from the world to learn new breathing and relaxation techniques, to dedicate yourself to new and healthy habits, but also to get to know new realities full of energy and full of harmony. The return to everyday life will be different and everything will be easier to deal with.



Find peace in one of our properties


Choose Villa Storie di Borgo: with a 360 degree view of the Val Tiberina, to dominate a property that extends over thirty hectares of woods and fields, this extraordinary rural complex has five apartments, each with its own entrance.
The accommodations recall, in the name, the four elements that bring together the natural order of things: Air, Water, Earth and Fire. With them a fifth unique location, the Tower, located inside an ancient defensive bulwark that stands in the center of the village. Outside, a design swimming pool and a tennis court await you.


Villa Storie di Borgo piscina

Villa Storie di Borgo paradise


Among the folds of the hills of the Val d’Orcia, under the Amiata mountain that overlooks it and in the heart of a green countryside that crosses it, Villa d’Orcia, an ancient farm dating back to 1800, awaits you instead. Here the owners have also started an interesting organic farm and a new business network.
In the Re suite you will find a bathtub in the center of the room and large windows that will open for you directly onto the green garden. In the small internal shop you can buy legumes and black chickpeas, cereals, soups, herbal teas, edible flowers, spelled biscuits, pasta with aromatic herbs and oil. Then wines and craft beers. All absolutely organic and zero kilometers.


Villa d'Orcia

Villa d’Orcia colours


Near the city of Gubbio we offer you a stay in Villa Oda, a very pleasant complex of houses, finely restored, inserted inside an organic farm that from the panoramic hills looks at the wonderful city where San Francesco met the wolf.
Throughout the hotel you can sleep in very large and comfortable beds, pampered by fine sheets and linen of cotton and linen.

Together with yoga lessons you can dedicate yourself to massages, cooking classes, musical entertainment, ceramic classes, tasting evenings, happy hour by the pool, guided tours, shopping in the local companies that produce cashmere garments.


villa oda

Silence and peace from Villa Oda


Ten minutes by car from Città di Castello, on a top of 700 meters above sea level where you can breathe fresh air even on hot summer days, Villa Panorama will welcome you.

From here you can see the most authentic Italy, that of the middle of Italy made up of many small patches of land joined together by the sinuous chasing of synclinal sweets where medieval fortresses and ancient parish churches stand out here and there. Recently renovated, this house also has a delightful chapel dating back to the 1400s.

On foot you can reach Mount Cedrone, the highest point of the Umbrian Valtiberina. The property also offers the experience of collecting and cooking truffles.


Villa panorama

Villa Panorama elegance


If you are looking for some peace after your storm for your holiday, choose Villa delle Lucciole instead. Obtained from an old furnace which has been completely renovated and adapted, but where bricks have been built since the early 1900s, this house retains all its originality.

Buried behind the main structure there is still the ancient brick cooking chamber, with which the Villa was built, which received directly from the clay hill above, through a slide with running water, the bricks to be cooked already prepared for hand by the unskilled workers.


villa delle lucciole

Let’s explore peace of Villa delle Lucciole


In the magical land of San Francesco d’Assisi, you can finally find refuge in Villa Parco del Subasio. Ancient farm reachable through an unpaved road of undoubted beauty, this residence welcomes its guests with the discreet charm of a unique retreat where the passing of the hours will be punctuated by the only noise of the branches of the trees moved by the wind, by the sun reflected on the pool water, from the stealthy passage of some wild animal.


villa Parco del Subasio

Take a look at the wonderful Villa Parco del Subasio


Discover our Yoga Experience packages. They will make your holiday unique in one of the many wonderful homes of Homelike Villas.

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