The secrets of the Cinque Terre

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Action! But did you know that the Amalfi coast, with its enchanting beaches and its ravines kissed by the sun and surrounded by the colors and scents of vineyards and citrus groves, was a film set of many films?

In Cetara, a scenic town still immune from mass tourism, in the distant 1953 Totò shot “Man, the beast and virtue”. The images, still in black and white, did not explain the beauty of the places but the protagonist still enchanted the audience. Between 1959 and 1960 Melville Shavelson arrived in Capri to shoot “The bay of Naples”. The cast? A real parterre de rois with Clark Gable, Sophia Loren, Vittorio De Sica, Claudio Ermelli, Marietto Angeletti and Yvonne Monlaur.

“La baia di Napoli” with Sophia Loren

A few years earlier, in 1955, Sorrento had been the location of the film “Pane amore e …”, directed by Dino Risi with Queen Sofia Loren and Maestro Vittorio De Sica.

The “Lollo”, Gina Lollobrigida, and Humprhrey Bogart among some wonderful villas and the streets of the center of Ravello interpreted “The treasure of Africa” ​​instead. Between this location and that of Atrani, the Japanese director Hiroshi Nishita has recently made “Amalfi – Megami no hoshi”.

The great director Roberto Rossellini framed the town of Maiori several times in the filming of “Paisà”, “The car killers” but also in the last scene of the cult film “Viaggi in Italia”.

The Amalfi coast also saw the troupe of Tollywood’s romantic comedy “Bheeshma” move from India.

“Il tesoro dell’Africa” with Gina Lollobrigida

The enchanted scenarios of Positano have instead attracted several productions, including: “Leoni al Sole”, “Goodbye Mr Chips”, “Love at first sight”, “Under the Tuscan sun” and the musical film “Nine” with Sofia Loren, Penelope Cruz. “Mr Ripley’s talent” was also filmed here. And here, but it is only a case of half-homonymy, Steven Zaillian, who previously won an Oscar for Steven Spielberg’s “Schindler’s List”, will shoot “Ripley”, the eight-part TV series, taken from the first book by Patricia Highsmith. Covid has stopped shooting but for the first clapperboard, expected in September, there is time and surely the Amalfi coast will be more beautiful than ever!

Have you dreamed of the many places kissed by the sea and sun in this area for your holidays? Make your dream come true and give yourself a break that is, for you and your loved ones, a fairy tale to tell …

The view from Villa Positano

At Villa Positano, a residence that owes its name to the enchanting location on the Amalfi coast, you will find an ideal set. Each room has large windows that, from floor to ceiling, offer wonderful postcards of a unique land where, from the green of the Lattari Mountains, you can dive into the deep blue of the Tyrrhenian Sea!

You can spend hours and hours outdoors overlooking the city but also on the gulf below from an elevated position that will make you feel suspended between the sky and the sea. The property also has a beautiful heated indoor swimming pool, ideal for recharging after a pleasant walk through the narrow streets, frequented by characters from the international jet set, which you can easily reach with 15 minutes walk.Luxurious and unique, Villa Positano offers hospitality for up to 13 people in 6 bedrooms with 9 bathrooms. The outdoor spaces are very comfortable with relaxation areas and sundecks where you can relax in privacy.

The large area dedicated to wellness and relaxation with a steam bath and a massage room is extremely enjoyable.

Your film is about to begin… ready? Lights… Camera… Action!



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