About us

The compass that represents the logo of Homelike Villas identifies all the geographical and organizational directions that our organization has been undertaking since 2001.

Starting from the experience of Villa Teloni we have created a network of exclusive villas and historic houses with swimming pool in central Italy. Each villa is personally handpicked and tested by our Travel and Vacation Consultants, to ensure their compliance with the quality standards that are essential for transforming an average holiday into a relaxing experience that must enrich our guest spiritually and emotionally.

The Italy we want to offer to the world is the one that still has remained genuine and uncontaminated by globalization, the one where you can experience true flavors, fragrances, foods and traditions.

In 2020, the Teloni Travel group was born, a company in the travel world specialized in travel, holidays and hospitality organized throughout the country with regional offices coordinated through a structured commercial network.

Teloni Travel is a brand new brand which however represents the values ​​and culture of a family that has been operating in the tourism sector for years.

Our philosophy remains the same: selling stays in Italy and trips abroad that are a "story to tell".

The CVV - Ospitalità, Viaggi e Vacanze

The CVV Consultant is a highly qualified professional specialized in the hospitality industry.
A dynamic and skilled professional which represents the reference point for all the travel related activities and experiences our guests want to live during their holidays.

The Travel and Vacation Consultant is the key figure of our ambitious project, the true link that binds us to our guests but also to the villa owners.

For our guests, the Travel and Vacation Consultant will be the true and only reference, the friend always present at his side, constantly available to ensure an unforgettable holiday. Because we must never forget that “every holiday has a fairy tale to tell.”

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3 reasons to choose Homelike Villas

The CVV - Hospitality, Travel and Vacation Consultant

A local personal assistant who will assist you before and during your stay.

Payments in Installments

Book now your next vacation! You can pay in convenient monthly installments.

Free Cancellation for Covid-related issues

It’s time to dream your next villa stay. Book now and you’ll be 100% refunded in case you need to cancel due to covid related-causes.